Exalted Artifacts

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Ablative Armor4GuttsArmor that can sacrifice soak to stop damage.
Aborinox3GuenA shapechanging moonsilver short bow
Actualizing Nature Band3VardenAn armband that harnesses nature's power
Anchor in Order2Azure Stag of the Lustful ForestSmall cube that replicates Chaos-Repelling Pattern in 50' radius
Articulated plate4CruxisHeavy magical armor
Attentive Hairpin1GuenA pin that listens to conversations and transcribes them
Automaton Assasin2Azure Stag of the Lustful ForestPoison-filled, animated jewelry
Barkhorn Bow5Forgotten ManseGossamer bow that is also a shaping weapon
Bonewedge3Forgotten CircleA soulsteel axe
Book of Infinite Potential1Forgotten CircleBlank book into which another book may be copied.
Boots of Descending Thunder3GuttsReally loud jumping boots
Cache Egg, medium3Jorias
Elsewhere storage
Casket of Firedust Conversion2Forgotten ManseA box that transmutes firedust into other elements
Celestial Phoenix Cauldrons4Forgotten ManseLarge vats that mix potions
Clarifying Tiara2GuttsHearthstone headband that adds to wits
Cloudwalking Ingot3Forgotten CircleFlying sportscar
Contraceptive candles1Forgotten ManseCandles that cast a contraceptive aura
Crevashe2Forgotten CircleDevice that channels the dead
Crown of the White Queen4White QueenA crown that moves the wearer outside Fate
Daiklave2JuukenMagical one-handed straight sword
Dire lance2RaneskMagical spear
Dragon Figurines1Cruxis
Jewelry that can fly
Dragon Hunter Aspect4Forgotten ManseA defense oath and staff shaping weapon
Dragon Tear Tiara2GuenHearthstone headband enhancing occult perception
Dueling Torcs3GuttsCollars that prevent essence expenditure from willing wearers
Efficient Kata Bands2Azure Stag of the Lustful ForestArmbands that enhance sidereal martial arts
Emerald Fortress5GuttsOrichalcum, air-conditioned armor
Essence Union Dart2AdriosThrown weapon that makes those it hits easier to hit later.
Essence-Containing Gem, medium3Regret of the Sun
Azure Stag of the Lustful Forest
Container of 15 motes
Essence-Containing Gem, small2VardenContainer of seven motes
Evanescent Aegis4JoriasOrichalcum, summonable armor
Final Loyalty3Forgotten ManseWyld oath turning taker into living artifact
Fire Pearl1GuttsPearl that starts fires
Five Mile Vista Tube1GuttsTelescope
Folding Servant2VardenFoldable servant automaton
Forge-Hand Gauntlets4VardenCrafting gloves
Gauntlets of Distant Claws3GuenClaws on retractable chains
Ghost Envoy of the Dragon3Forgotten Circlesmall yacht
Grand daiklave3GuttsMagical two-handed sword
Hearthblade3GuttsSword improved by socketed hearthstones.
Hearthstone Bracers2VardenDefensive arm guards
Hearthstone Compass1Forgotten CircleDevice that points to a hearthstone's manse
Horn of the Ways2GuenA horn that can make paths
Incandescent Razor3CruxisAn orichalcum reaper daiklaive that hates demons
Infinite Jade Chakram2JoriasChakram that launches temporary copies of itself.
Luminous Talon Rain4Forgotten Mansean orichalcum noble warstrider
Map of Azure Victory3GuttsDevice that points to a hearthstone's manse
Maritime Anklet2VardenMakes a better sailor.
Mark of Autochthon5Gutts
Azure Stag of the Lustful Forest
A magical mark over the heart, marking you as selected by Autochthon
Molt-Defying Plumage4Forgotten Mansea moonsilver noble warstrider
Monsoon NeedlesGuenNeedles containing unique knowledge of lunar charms
Ophidian Kata Rings2VardenMartial arts form enhancing rings
Oracular Hookah3Azure Stag of the Lustful ForestSmoking pipe that gives user visions
Paleskin Cowl2Forgotten CircleCloak that makes wearer appear to be a ghost.
Privacy Veil1Forgotten ManseCurtain that hinders eavesdropping.
Promise of Bark4Forgotten ManseOath providing bark skin and ability to fly, as well as being a staff-shaping weapon.
Rain of ThornForgotten ManseCombat based oath, as well as being a staff-shaping weapon.
Razor claws2JuukenMagical tiger claws
Reinforced breastplate3JuukenMedium magical armor
Reinforced buff jacket2AdriosMedium magical armor
Resplendent Satchel of Healing4Azure Stag of the Lustful ForestBag that aids healing
Seed of Other Lives2Azure Stag of the Lustful ForestAppearance changing acorn
Serpent-sting staff2VardenMagical seven-section staff
Shell Necklace1Gutts
Allows user to breathe underwater
Sheltering the Pack4GuenMoonsilver armor that protects those around its wearer
Shieldstone Gauntlet3VardenProjects a force field
Shining Masquerade2Hammer in the Woods
Caste mark disguise
Short powerbow2Juuken
Magical shortbow
Sikunare's Gift1Gutts
Allows any user to breathe underwater
Skin-Mount Amulet2Jorias
Azure Stag of the Lustful Forest
Forgotten Manse
Hearthstone mount that increases peripheral pool
Sorcery Capturing Cord, emerald3GuttsA rope that can capture and release terrestrial spells
Soulfire Collector5Forgotten CircleCollects the hearthstones for the Alchemical Manses.
Superheavy plate5Regret of the SunHeavy magical armor
Thousand Pleasures Lounge1Forgotten ManseFurniture intended to enhance sexual pleasure
Topaz Mind5GuenAn oath providing ability to ignore some multiple action penalties and acting as a staff-shaping weapon
Transport Jars1Forgotten Circle
Azure Stag of the Lustful Forest
Teleports contents from one jar to the other
Traveling Tent1Forgotten CircleRoomy, portable, luxury
Unconsuming Forge2Forgotten CircleA portable, fuel-less forge
Undisturbed Bath of Conscience3Azure Stag of the Lustful ForestJade staff that can find the most guilty in a crowd
Warding charm1Adrios
Azure Stag of the Lustful Forest
Regret of the Sun
Hinders certain types of creature from hurting you.
Whispering Earrings1Guen
Azure Stag of the Lustful Forest
Earrings the transmit speech to each other
Windslave disk2Forgotten ManseDisks that reduce weight
Wings of the Raptor4Guen
Azure Stag of the Lustful Forest
Capes that become flying wings
World Affirming Melody Box4Flaxen CatacombEssence manipulating music box
Wyr'paljan Caduceus5JoriasAmplifier of bird-themed sorcery