Dragon Hunter Aspect

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This type of Tirobhava oath grants its power in an effort to attain the perfection of the Wood Dragon. The actual oath sworn typical involves some sort of dedication or involvement in elemental wood. This type of oath is insubstantial in creation, but tends to manifest in the Wyld as wood, plants or other natural materials.


Cahlenna swore "I shall emulate the Wood Dragon until I have hunted and killed a Lunar exalt" to gain access to this oath's powers. In the Wyld, this oath appeared as a series of small tree branches and twigs growing from her back. This oath is now degrading in the vault of the Forgotten Manse.

Game Information

Tirobhava Oath
Artifact: ●●●●
Commitment: 4
Mutation Cost: 3
Mutations: Afflictions (Tough, Thick Skin) and two Poxes (Tail, Large)
Shaping: Staff Weapon
Speed: 6
Accuracy: 2
Damage: +9Lp
Defense: 1

While the oath is upheld, the one who swears it undergoes a physical transformation, gaining a large tail, stronger scaly skin and gaining 25% in size. The tail is not agile enough to manipulate objects or use in combat, but it does aid in balance and stability (+2 Athletics). The transformed may also soak lethal damage with full stamina gains +3 Strength, +2 Stamina, additional -0/-1/-2/-2 health levels, +3B/3L soak and +4 Survival.

When used in shaping combat, the Dragon Hunter Aspect provides a supernatural awareness, allowing it parry staff shaping attacks even when its user is not aware of them.