Emerald Fortress

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This suit of orichalcum articulated plate caused a strange vision in Gutts when he first attuned to it. The armor remains a comfortable temperature inside regardless of weather conditions. In game terms, this reduces the frequency of fatigue checks in harsh conditions. It also provides +1 die for resistance tests against poisons of any kind (injected, breathed, ingested) when worn.

By taking up a defensive posture and spending 10 motes, any hostile Terrestrial Circle sorcery attempting to affect wearer is shattered and its effects wasted. This effect lasts as long as the wearer maintains a defensive stance, which puts him at a -2 penalty for any action other than dodging or parrying. While this effect is maintained, the armor is surrounded by a multicolored glow. The 10 motes of essence is considered committed while this effect lasts. By spending 20 motes instead of 10, this ability can be extended to a radius of (Permanent Essence x 50) feet.

If the user qualifies, they may receive the material bonus for orichalcum (+2B/+2L soak) when attuning this armor.


Gutts traded a two rare suits of armor (soulsteel articulated plate and gossamer full plate) to get this armor.

Game Information

Summary: Orichalcum, air-conditioned armor
Rating: ●●●●●
Commitment: 6
Materials: orichalcum
Soak: 14B/12L
Mobility: -2
Fatigue: 1