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A unique soulsteel grimcleaver crafted by the Lover Clad in the Raiment of Tears, Bonewedge speeds the motions of those who wield it (+1 to speed and defense compared to standard grimcleaver). Like all soulsteel weapons, it drains essence from the victim when a wound is inflicted. Bonewedge, however, hungers particularly for the essence of the living world. While in Creation, each strike from Bonewedge that would normally drain the victim’s essence drains an extra two motes (that is, the normal soulsteel drain of wielder’s permanent Essence score, plus an additional two). These additional motes may, at the option of the wielder, be transferred into wielder's own peripheral essence pool. Thisis cannot increase the maximum size of the pool.

Bonewedge is something of a stingy eater, and outside of Creation (e.g. in the Underworld, a shadowland, etc.), it instead drains one fewer mote than normal (that is, the normal soulsteel drain of wielder’s permanent Essence score, minus one) and no motes may be transferred.

The souls alloyed into the metal of the weapon are somewhat unusual. Among them are the nemissary who originally wielded Soul Mirror in creation, as well as the souls of the two Immaculate monks who defeated him. The nemissary was intended to torment the dragon-blooded within the weapon for eternity, but in fact, the opposite has happened. Most of the rest of the souls are just the confused, tattered remnants of mortal souls, save one: the soul of a mortal solider who served with the Empress before she became the empress.


Originally carried by Carrionis, on his death it was given to Regret of the Sun. He has since passed it on to Azure Stag of the Lustful Forest. Stag donated the axe to the Forgotten Circle in order to reveal the Memory Sapphires Vision, which destroyed part of the weapon.

Game Information

Summary: A soulsteel axe
Rating: ●●●
Commitment: 7
Materials: soulsteel
Speed: 1
Accuracy: +1
Damage: +7L