Regret of the Sun

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Name: Regret of the Sun
Gender: Male
Birthdate: 1 Descending Water 742
Height: 185 cm
Weight: 86 kg
Eye Color: Pale green
Hair Color: Black
Skin Color: White
Caste: Day
Appearance:  ●●●●
Charisma:  ●●
Dexterity:  ●●●●
Intelligence:  ●●●
Manipulation:  ●●●
Perception:  ●●●
Stamina:  ●●
Strength:  ●●●
Wits:  ●●●●●
Compassion:  ●●●
Conviction:  ●●●
Temperance:  ●●
Valor:  ●●●
Willpower:  ●●●●● ●
Essence:  ●●●●
Resonance: 0
Awareness ●●●●
Bureaucracy ●●
Dodge ●●●●●
Endurance:  ●●
Investigation ●●●●
Larceny ●●●●
Martial Arts ●●●●●
Melee:  ●●●
Presence ●●●
Stealth ●●●●
Thrown ●●●●●
Languages: Riverspeak, Old Realm
Resources: ●●
Whispers: ●●
Fivefold Sensory Exercise
Sense-Eroding Gesture
Corruption-Sensing Scrutiny
Flitting Shadow Form
Fivefold Shadow Form
Uncanny Impulse Evasion
Flickering Wisp Technique
Incomparable Phantom Form
Ox-Body Technique
Deception-Piercing Stare
Unsurpassed Interrogation Method
Excellent Inquisitor Attitude
Cunning Criminal Style
Evidence-Erasing Method
Theft of Face
Flesh-Mending Discipline
Furious Blade
Slashing Ghost Talon
Iron Sheath Posture
Hydraulic Body Configuration
Vibrating Hammer Palm
Pertinacious Automaton Form
Automated Defense Adjustment
Merciless Iron Assault
Perforating Piston Offensive
Reactive Armor Reinforcement
Invincible Avatar Cocoon
Concealing Distraction Discipline
Encounter-Banishing Gesture
Noiseless Phantom Style
Essence Engorgement Technique
Aid of Ill Wind
Hungry Missile Technique
Incomparable Assassin Method
Ivory Spine Attack
Lightning Clutch of the Raptor
Pitiless Scything Razor
Ravening Crimson Chakram

Regret is an abyssal of the day caste played by Wordman in the Forgotten Suns campaign.


Though original confused, conflicted and indecisive, Regret's hatred of the Lover has given him more focus. He is, however, torn by the desire to embrace life again and the pull of his oath to the underworld.


Looks like Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester (Joseph Fiennes) in Elizabeth, with longer, straighter hair, and extremely pale skin.


Birth into a merchant family gave the boy who would become Regret of the Sun enough education and spare time to grow envious and resentful of his lack of social mobility. He joined the Imperial Post at a young age, due more to a desire to see the rest of the world than any patriotic feelings for an empire he considered far too rigid and petty. Soon after becoming known for his willingness to deliver into "barbarian" lands, he was secretly recruited as a courier by agents of House Iselsi. This eventually led him to create an expanded "side business" as an information broker.

With contacts in the Empire, the Scavenger Lands (particularly Nexus and Lookshy), the Guild and elsewhere, his services were in high demand. In spite of his success, he never found much more to respect about society outside the Empire than within.

After several deals involving the Immaculate Order, he became aware of a force of fifty dragon-blooded being assembled into a Wyld Hunt, supposedly due to a prediction that a powerful solar would exalt on an isolated, wooded road nearby, though with indications that something may be "off" in the prediction. Wanting to gather information on the capabilities of the dragon-blooded, he traveled secretly to the road and waited in hiding. The Wyld Hunt arrived silently one by one, setting up an ambush.

As the sun started to set, a local farm girl came down the road leading a manure wagon. A karmeus swooped out of nowhere at the girl, attempting to carry her off. As the claws sunk in, the girl began to burn, the mark of twilight raging from her forehead. After the girl incinerated the karmeus with a disk of burning light, the Wyld Hunt unleashed on the girl.

As he watched the girl's flesh burn, the man who would become Regret felt the torrent of magic stir something within him, then the circle of night flared from his forehead as he, too, exalted. With the Wyld Hunt occupied, he managed to flee without detection, but the Immaculate Order soon realized that what had seemed "off" about their prediction was that it actually indicated the exaltation of two solars at the same place, not a single powerful one.

The Wyld Hunt tracked the man who would become Regret for over a year, an on-and-off chase culminating in Gem. Trapped and seriously wounded, the hunt's prey took the only path of escape available to him, through one of Gem's many small shadowlands and into the underworld. Carrionis soon found him and took him to his mistress.

Not predisposed towards Creation before he exalted, the new solar learned to truly despise it after a year of being tracked like an animal and shunned as anathema. By the time they reached the Lover Clad in the Raiment of Tears, the solar had inherited some of Carrionis' zeal, particularly against the Empire.

The solar spent two weeks in the Lover's company (and bed), being shown all the power of oblivion and its inevitable victory over life. By the end of it, he agreed to become her new deathnight. Though enthusiastic at first, after the Lover’s Malfean lord accepted him, he began to suspect that he had been duped, and shown only certain aspects of the underworld. By the time he was cursing Creation within the Monstrance of Celestial Portion, he realized he had make a serious mistake. This realization, however, made him more angry at Creation, and he cursed all the more.



As his name indicates, Regret hates his current state and wants to become a solar again. Failing that, he wants to get as far from his mistress and the Malfeans as possible. He currently thinks is best chance is to find a place that is neither creation nor the underworld.


Improvement Cost Spent Time Instructor Location
Survival to 1 3 3 288 hours self Lap
Fivefold Sensory Exercise 8 11 64 hours self Watch Valley
Awareness to 4 5 16 0 hours self Watch Valley
Sense-Eroding Gesture 8 24 128 hours self Watch Valley
Strength to 3 8 32 576 hours self Watch Valley
Dodge to 5 7 39 0 hours self mine shadowland
Flickering Wisp Technique 8 47 48 hours self mine shadowland
Uncanny Impulse Evasion 8 55 80 hours self mine shadowland
Incomparable Phantom Form 8 63 80 hours self mine shadowland
Furious Blade 10 73 16 hours self mine shadowland
Slashing Ghost Talon 10 83 32 hours self mine shadowland
Essence Engorgement Technique 10 93 48 hours self mine shadowland
Essence to 4 24 117 self Yugash
Linguistics to 1 3 120 144 hours ??? Yugash
Lore to 1 3 123 144 hours ??? Yugash
Martial Arts to 3 3 126 0 hours self Yugash
Martial Arts to 4 5 131 0 hours self Yugash
Martial Arts to 5 7 138 0 hours self Yugash
Conviction to 2 3 141 0 hours self Yugash
Conviction to 3 6 147 0 hours self Yugash
Iron Sheath Posture 8 155 16 hours ??? Yugash
Hydraulic Body Configuration 8 163 24 hours ??? Yugash
Vibrating Hammer Palm 8 171 24 hours ??? Yugash
Pertinacious Automaton Form 8 179 32 hours ??? Yugash
Automated Defense Adjustment 8 187 32 hours ??? Yugash
Merciless Iron Assault 8 195 40 hours ??? Yugash
Perforating Piston Offensive 8 203 40 hours ??? Yugash
Reactive Armor Reinforcement 8 211 32 hours ??? Yugash
Invincible Avatar Cocoon 8 219 40 hours ??? Yugash

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