Molt-Defying Plumage

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Built by the First Age lunar Iron Monsoon, Molt-Defying Plumage is a moonsilver noble warstrider.

Game Information

Commitment: 10
Artifact: ●●●●
Powered by: Rating ●●● hearthstone
Soak: 22B/22L/22A
Hardness: 11B/11L/11A
Strength: 14
Mobility Penalty: -4
Fatigue Value: 4
Movement Rate: 10 times wearer's normal movement
Maintenance: ●●● + 1 hour for each 10 hours of operation (or 5 in combat)
Natural Attacks:
Punch: Speed 3, Accuracy 0, Damage +3L, Defense 1
Kick: Speed -6, Accuracy -1, Damage +5L, Defense -1

Proteus Gauntlet

The right hand of Molt-Defying Plumage is a moonsilver gauntlet that can change its shape into any standard warstrider weapon. Changing the weapon's shape takes a non-rolled dice action and 1 mote. These weapons use statistics for standard warstrider weapons, but can gain the moonsilver material bonuses if properly attuned. Weapons may be made that use ammunition, but only enough for one turn of use. Built into the right leg of the warstrider is a compartment that holds 20 warstrider-scale arrows.

Commitment: 6
Artifact: ●●●●
Powered by: 1 motes per shift
Maintenance: ●●●
Attacks: (sample, including moonsilver bonus)
Axe: Speed -3, Accuracy +1, Damage +10L, Defense 2
Fighting Gauntlet: Speed 3, Accuracy +2, Damage +5L, Defense 0
Sword: Speed -3, Accuracy +3, Damage +8L, Defense 1
Longbow: Accuracy +2, Damage as arrow, Rate 1, Range 450

Essence Cannon

Considered a secondary weapon, a small essence cannon is built into the left hand.

Commitment: 3
Artifact: ●●
Powered by: 2 motes per shot
Cannon: Accuracy 1, Damage 15B, Rate 2, Range 75

Flight System

Mounted on the back of Molt-Defying Plumage are stationary wings, with feathers fashioned from moonsilver mounted on blue jade. These wings connect to thrusters mounted on various parts of the warstrider, and allow it to fly 150 miles per hour up to a hight of one mile. During combat, flight speed is up to 50 times the wearer's normal movement rate. While in flight, the wings add five successes to rolled dodge attempts and five dice aerial hand-to-hand combat. While in flight, the Speed of kicking becomes -2. If lack of maintenance causes a system in the warstrider to fail, it is always the flight system that fails first.

Commitment: 8
Artifact: ●●●●●
Powered by: 5 motes per scene or hour of flight
Maintenance: ●●●

Current State

When found, the warstrider itself was trapped in a small room. It has been transported to the Forgotten Manse.

It is also immobile, its control system sabotaged and worn from centuries of neglect. It's weapons and ancillary systems are in even worse shape, completely inoperable. Should essence be committed to any of them, the system will spark and sputter and glow. If left in such a state, it may even be permanently damaged. A series of repairs is needed, with various requirements at each stage. Should detailed plans of the warstrider or its subsystems be available, the difficulty and Magitech requirements given are each reduced by one. Various tools will be necessary, and lack of them (or magical equivalents) may make the tests more difficult. The repairs are:

  • Basic maneuverability. One repaired, the warstrider can move at quarter speed, but cannot run, jump or fight. Fixing requires:
    • Occult 2, Lore 3
    • Power from a level three hearthstone
    • An Intelligence + Craft (Fire) test at difficulty 4, taking a base time of 30 hours.
    • Basic parts costing Resources ●●
    • Small quantities of moonsilver
  • Full mobility
    • The science of Magitech ●●
    • An Intelligence + Craft (Fire) test at difficulty 4, taking a base time of 60 hours.
    • Basic parts costing Resources ●●●
    • Several pounds of moonsilver
  • Proteus Gauntlet
    • Magitech ●●●
    • An extended Intelligence + Craft (Fire) test needing a total of 16 successes. Each test has a difficulty of 4 and a base time of one day.
    • Parts costing Resources ●●●
  • Essence Cannon
    • Magitech
    • An Intelligence + Craft (Fire) test with a difficulty of 2 and a base time of five hours.
    • Parts costing Resources
  • Flight System
    • Magitech ●●●●
    • An extended Intelligence + Craft (Fire) test needing a total of 25 successes. Each test has a difficulty of 5 and a base time of three days.
    • Parts costing Resources ●●●● Forgotten Suns