Actualizing Nature Band

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This armband of green jade is carved to resemble briars winding around the arm, encircling a hearthstone mount. When attuned the band momentarily transforms the wearer's skin to bark at the moment of an impact, increasing her natural soak by 2. The band also enhances the wearer's ability to work with plants, giving +3 dice to any Craft tests involving plant- or animal-based materials (wood sculpture, repairing a wooden wagon, spinning cloth, making a leather tent, farming, painting natural landscapes, etc.). If any hearthstones that manipulate nature in some are placed in the band, their effect is increased slightly in some way (e.g. +50% range, longer duration, etc.).


Varden is attuned to one of these, which is not named.

Game Information

Summary: An armband that harnesses nature's power
Rating: ●●●
Commitment: 5
Repair: ●●
Materials: Jade