Infinite Jade Chakram

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The signature weapon of Immaculate monks of the air dragon, this chakram is never truly thrown. Instead, it launches temporary copies of itself, allowing the user to never run out of ammunition. It is detailed in the Player's Guide [play.211] and Exalted Second Edition [ex2e.389].

Air Dragon stylists may fully attune to this weapon, regardless of exalted type.


Mnemon Caras Para used one of these, which was taken by Jorias.

Game Information

Summary: Chakram that launches temporary copies of itself.
Rating: ●●
Commitment: 4
Materials: jade
Speed: 0
Accuracy: +0
Damage: +1L
Rate: 5 (6 for fully attuned jade)
Range: 30 (40 for fully attuned jade)