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The overly symmetrical geometric pattern built into this small cube-like lattice strains the eyes if viewed to long, almost appearing to move. Delicately carved from a single block one of the five magical materials (usually white jade), an orderly array of vertices form a sequence of floating cubes, nested one inside the other.

When attuned and 9 motes committed to the anchor, a 50 yard radius around the cube is protected from the warping influence of the Wyld. Anything within this zone can exist in even the most fluid areas without risk of being mutated or reshaped. This sphere of reality enforcement moves with the cube, traveling anywhere it does.

Note that this zone does not protect against Wyld-spawned phenomenon, such as whirlwinds of bird wings and stained glass originating outside the zone and attacking, centipedes of frozen venom spitting superheated gas, the ground around them turning into an endless ocean of acid (though the ground within the sphere would remain intact), etc.

Any magic aimed at transmutation (such as shapeshifting, certain craft charms, ceating food from essence, etc.) cast inside the zone costs an additional three motes.


The white jade cube owned by Last Envy is now used by Stag.

Game Information

Summary: Small cube that replicates Chaos-Repelling Pattern in 50' radius
Rating: ●●
Commitment: 9
Materials: jade, orichalcum, moonsilver, soulsteel, starmetal
  Power: ●●●
  Usefulness: ●●●
  Game Impact: ●●●
  Script Immunity: ●●
  Drawback - Essence: ●●● ((+0 efficient))
  Drawback - Component: ((extremely fine tools))
  Drawback - Notoriety: ●●●
  Drawback - Maintenance: x