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Gain immunity to an element  +
Armor that can sacrifice soak to stop damage.  +
A shapechanging moonsilver short bow  +
Halve penalties from multiple actions, rounding down.  +
An armband that harnesses nature's power  +
Small cube that replicates Chaos-Repelling Pattern in 50' radius  +
Heavy magical armor  +
A pin that listens to conversations and transcribes them  +
Reflexively parry a lethal attack with Dexterity + Martial Arts.  +
Poison-filled, animated jewelry  +
Gossamer bow that is also a shaping weapon  +
A soulsteel axe  +
Blank book into which another book may be copied.  +
Really loud jumping boots  +
Light magical armor  +
Elsewhere storage  +
Elsewhere storage  +
Elsewhere storage  +
Elsewhere storage  +
A box that transmutes firedust into other elements  +