Five Mile Vista Tube

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Somewhat strange-looking, this yard long metal tube is open on one end, with a bewildering array of protrusions, crystals and mirrors crafted from one of the five magical materials (usually blue jade) on the other. Though it appears delicate, it can survive drops from shoulder height, though using it as a weapon would probably damage it.

The user need not attune to the tube or commit essence to it, but must spend essence to activate the tube each time it is used. By holding the open end to her forehead and charging the tube with five motes, the user "sees" a magnified image of weherever the tube is pointing for the next five minutes. Vision is limited to line of sight (maximum 10 miles), but the use can zoom in or out at will; however, the user cannot zoom in to more than roughly "head shot" magnification, no matter far away the subject is.

Images seen through the tube are always dimly illuminated (about the level of candlelight), even if the objects being viewed are in full sunlight or complete darkness. The user may also use their own eyes while "looking" through the tube, but the result is so distrecting that all actions are at a four dice penalty, including viewing through the tube (not to mention that at least one hand is need to keep the tube held to the forehead). This penalty does not apply if the user keeps relatively still and closes their eyes.

Once the tube is charged with essence, it can be used by anyone, even mortals; however as soon as the first person to use it breaks contact with it (or five minutes elapses), the magic stops and the essence consumed. It may be reenergized again and used immediately after.

No sorcery or charms may be targeted through the tube.


Cynis Falen Myrsal's tube was fashioned of gold, with intricate carvings of a looping dragon leading to an array of blue jade trinkets on the far end. Gutts now uses it.

Game Information

Summary: Telescope
Commitment: 0
Activation: 5
  Power: ●●
  Usefulness: ●●●
  Game Impact: ●●
  Script Immunity:
  Drawback - Essence: ●● (+1 efficient)
  Drawback - Component: (uniquely shaped crystals)
  Drawback - Notoriety: ●●
  Drawback - Maintenance: