Soulfire Collector

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The Soulfire Collector is a large crystal infused with fine lines of all five magical materials. Cut to resemble a collection of five triangular "wedges" arranged into a pentagon about a foot wide. While wires of all the materials go through each wedge, each wedge has a clearly dominant material, one wedge of each type. One the top surface of each wedge, an egg-shaped depression is cut into the center.

The primary function of the collector is to reconfigure the Alchemical Manses. It can only do this during Calibration, and only if the hearthstones for all of the manses are placed in their proper spots for its entire duration. The nature of the reconfiguration that will be done is hard coded into the device.

Anyone in possession of the collector can activate a holographic map of creation that displays the locations of the five alchemical manses, as well as the location of the collector itself.

Each wedge also contains a secondary ability: if the hearthstones to one of the manses is set into a wedge, anyone attuned to the hearthstone's manse can commit five motes into the wedge to gain the benefit of the hearthstone's power no matter where they are in relation to the stone. In addition, they will respire essence as if they were in the manse itself. Any number of attuned users may do this to the wedge at any time, and a single user may attune to multiple wedges at once, though they must commit motes to each wedge separately.


While it is unknown how many versions of this artifact might exist, the one known was presented to the Forgotten Circle by the Eye of Autochthon.

Game Information

Summary: Collects the hearthstones for the Alchemical Manses.
Rating: ●●●●●
Commitment: 5/wedge"/wedge" can not be assigned to a declared number type with value 5.
Materials: jade, orichalcum, moonsilver, soulsteel, starmetal