Barkhorn Bow

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These unusual looking bows appear to be strands of four kinds of wood (ebony, birch, ash and yew), complexly interwoven and accented in horn. Staring at these bows for for very long confuses the eye, the pattern of the weaving following no rhyme or reason.

Actually formed from gossamer, in standard combat, these bows function as gossamer long bows, but are strong enough to parry lethal attacks as well.

They are primarily, however, formidable ring-shaping weapons, allowing gossamer to be congealed and fired.


The raksha archers Paradise and Fist both hold barkhorn bows. Each also has sworn a Rain of Thorn oath on these weapons, which has congealed like spun gold around the bowstring. These are slowly disintegrating in the vault of the Forgotten Manse.

Game Information

Barkhorn Bow
Cost: Requires Gossamer background ●●●●●
Standard Combat: Gossamer long bow. May be used to parry.
Accuracy: 2
Damage: +1L
Defense: 1
Rate: 5
Range: 200
Max Strength: 6
Shaping Combat: Ring weapon
Accuracy: 1
Damage: +12L
Range: 3
Rate: 3
Max Perception: 6