Final Loyalty

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This type of Anugraha oath revels in making others give up their own will and slip into insanity. Such generally require oaths of service to someone or something, granting much power in return. These oaths manifest as gemstones over the hearts, both in Creation and the Wyld.


All of Cahlenna's Petal Guard swore an oath to "become artifacts in service to and ownership of Cahlenna for 100 years and a day". These artifacts are decaying in the vault of the Forgotten Manse.

Game Information

Anugraha Oath
Artifact: ●●●
Commitment: 3
Mutation Cost: 2
Mutations: Extinction of Desire, Affliction (Tough) and Raging Vortex Form (which grants Grace of Infinite Revolving Spheres upon entering bedlam or limit break)
Shaping: Staff Weapon
Speed: 10
Accuracy: 0
Damage: +9L
Defense: 1

When the oath is sworn, the oath taker is transformed into a living artifact of hardy nature. As such, oath takers add one to the difficulty of any attempt to reshape their bodies. They also ignore the effects of shaping damage, gain +6B/6L soak against normal attacks and convert lethal attacks to bashing damage unless the attack could damage one of the five magical materials. They may also soak lethal damage (from any source) with full stamina, and gain +2 Strength, +1 Stamina, additional -1/-2/-2 health levels. If killed, they can be repaired as if a three-dot artifact. Those born in Creation treat them as automaton and creatures outside fate. If the oath taker is a raksha, their Heart and Ring graces turn to dust (but they do not suffer the Curse of Meekness and do not cease to exist) and they must add two gossamer to the cost of any Assumption charms they use.

Should the oath taker enter a strong form of madness (such as Bedlam or Limit Break), they gain the ability to ignore multiple action penalties on the first five actions of each turn for the duration of the madness.