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As its name implies, a cloudwalking ingot is an aerial vehicle that resembles nothing so much as a curved wedge of metal about 14 feet long and six feet wide. The bottom is mostly flat, with two foot-high ridges running the length of each side, something like extremely wide blades of a sled. The vehicle is about two feet high, arcing up to about six feet at its highest point (about two-thirds from the front) and back to two feet in the end.

Two doors, one on each side, open upwards like wings to expose the passenger compartment, containing a single, padded bench. Though luxuriously appointed, the space is windowless and cramped, seating two fairly comfortably, though three could squeeze in, if necessary. The climate within the passenger chamber is kept cool and dry magically. Two other doors open in the front and back like mouths, exposing storage compartments. The front compartment is large enough to hold a full-grown person, though without much room for movement. The rear compartment is much smaller, intended for personal baggage, and would not fit much more than a large dog. None of the doors may be opened while the vehicle is in motion. In addition, this compartment is magically refrigerated, with a crystal that can be touched to adjust the temperature from about 10° below freezing to 10° above.

There are no internal controls for the vehicle. The driver controls the vehicle with thought. Any passenger may drive, but must commit 5 motes to attune with the vehicle to be able to control it. In addition, the cloudwalking ingot requires additional power to fly. Gods of fire, air or flight, or fire- or air-aspected dragonblooded may power the vehicle from their own essence stores by spending 5 motes per hour. Others may only use the vehicle if powered by a air or fire hearthstone of at least level three. A socket for such a stone is set into the roof of the passenger chamber.

In a given turn, the driver must spend a dice action controlling the vehicle, though an actual roll is only required for reckless maneuvers. In a single dice action, the driver may direct a properly-powered cloudwalking ingot to do any of the following:

  • Change altitude by up to 50 yards, to a maximum of 500 yards above ground.
  • Alter the vehicle's forward speed by 30 miles per hour, to a maximum speed of 160 miles per hour. "Forward" is defined by the orientation of the vehicle's nose.
  • Move backward or side-to-side at up to 10 yards per turn.
  • Rotate the vehicle around any axis, up to a full revolution on each. Note that high speeds, radical changes in orientation could cause severe damage to passengers or the vehicle and that momentum may continue to carry the vehicle along its previous direction of travel. The vehicle can "catch" the air somewhat, so it travels more like a car or plane than, say, a spaceship.

Having no windows, passengers cannot see outside when the doors are closed. Anyone attuned to the vehicle (driver or otherwise), however, may see through any part of it as if it were not there, though this ability only works from the inside.

These vehicles are built for speed, not combat, but are relatively simple to maintain if not damaged. Every 100 hours of continuous use requires minor repairs (Wits+Lore at difficulty 1) by someone with Occult ●● and Lore ●●, using materials that cost resources ●●.


The Forgotten Circle found one of these at the Dense Effulgence Root. It was destroyed in the detonation of the Eye of Autochthon.

Game Information

Summary: Flying sportscar
Rating: ●●●
Commitment: 0
Activation: 5
Repair: ●●●
Speed: 8
Maneuver: 3
Endurance: 5 mote commitment. Air- and fire-based pilots may fly without using an hearthstone by spending additional 5 motes per hour.
Soak: 16B/10L
Hardness: 14B/6L
Health: 15
  Power: ●●●
  Usefulness: ●●●
  Game Impact: ●●●
  Script Immunity: ●●●
  Drawback - Essence: ●● (base=●●●, inefficient=+●●), level 3 hearthstone=●●●)
  Drawback - Component:  
  Drawback - Notoriety: ●●● (2)
  Drawback - Maintenance: ●●