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In it's collapsed form, this tent appears as a bundle of cloth the size of a large backpack. When set on the ground and 10 motes of essence are channeled into the bundle, it expands into an extremely large and opulent silk tent. The tent forms with three "rooms" separated by curtains. The entrance leads to the 20'x20' central room, which is usually used as an audience chamber. To the right and left are two other rooms, each 15'x15', typically used as bedrooms. These rooms have flaps that act as windows on the three sides that do not lead to the central room. All rooms are lushly appointed, with carpets and silk pillows in great abundance.

During the expansion of the tent, the person spending the essence may choose the internal and external color scheme of the tent. This may be simple, garish, festive, a camouflage pattern, even a mural. Once set, this pattern cannot be changed until the tent is collapsed and expanded again. The tent may be collapsed back into a bundle by spending another ten motes, but only by the person who first expanded it.

The climate within the tent is set to always be 72° F, at a comfortable humidity level. The central room has a flap in the roof that may be opened to allow a fire pit to burn in the center, but no such pit is provided. The tent is also enchanted to keep prevent normal insects from entering.


Vision Consorting with the Dead used one of these tents, but it was captured by the Forgotten Circle

Game Information

Summary: Roomy, portable, luxury
Commitment: 0
Activation: 10