Crown of the White Queen

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This crown if formed from an elegant network of starmetal wiring, built to wrap around the top of the head and support a hearthstone over the forehead, much like a Dragon Tear Tiara. Like such lesser items, attuning to the artifact allows the wearer to make use of any powers the hearthstone may possess. If the user is fully attuned to starmetal, the the hearthstone also supplies one additional mote per hour.

The crown's primary benefit, however, is that just prior to when the user makes their daily Conviction test to regain willpower, they feed a point of Willpower into the crown, the crown will move the wearer outside Fate for the day. This effect can be maintained continually by repeatedly spending Willpower each day. While this effect lasts, sidereal astrology has a hard time predicting the actions the character makes, though does see the actions of her subordinates. The wearer also avoids all bureaucratic scrutiny from Heaven.

Possession of this item, though difficult to detect, is a Severity 4 offense to the Celestial Bureaucracy.


Only one of these crowns is known to exist, currently worn by the White Queen.

Game Information

Summary: A crown that moves the wearer outside Fate
Rating: ●●●●
Commitment: 3m, 1wp per day"m,1wpperday" can not be assigned to a declared number type with value 3.
Materials: starmetal