Attentive Hairpin

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Created by Ikselam, posted on the Exalted wiki.

This long lacquered hairpin is hollow, and has an orichalcum point resembling the nib of a pen. With the commitment of one mote, it will listen attentively to everything that is said near it for an entire scene. If it is later dipped in ink and put to a piece of paper, the hairpin will write out a transcript of everything it heard.

Recordings made by the hairpin last until they are transcribed, the hairpin becomes unattuned, or it is set to record a new scene. If there is some doubt as to what the hairpin can hear, consider it to have a Perception + Awareness score equal to twice its user's permanent Essence.


Guen carries one of these.

Game Information

Summary: A pin that listens to conversations and transcribes them
Commitment: 1