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Completely unknown in the First Age, the shining masquerade is an innovation of the sidereals. Appearing much like a dragon tear tiara, these items are used to duplicate the appearance of the anima banner from another type of exalt. The Bronze Faction uses them most often when their agents don resplendent destinies of dragon-blooded, allowing them to more perfectly mimic their identity.

Each item is built to emulate a specific type of exalted and no others. By spending 1 mote, it may reproduce the flare at any apparent level. Note that this does not duplicate the anima effect or any other special ability of the flare. For example, the "flames" of a shining masquerade built to emulate a fire aspect terrestrial do not actually burn, making the disguise imperfect.

This illusion is easily penetrated by anyone using Essence sight. It is also completely overpowered by actual anima flares from the wearer at the 8+ mote level. The masquerade can, however, cover real flares at levels lower than this, if the illusion activated at a higher level. Note that a sidereal under a resplendent destiny using the item still suffers Paradox based on the level of her real anima flare, regardless of weather anyone actually sees it.

Like the dragon tear tiara that these items imitate, a shining masquerade holds a socket for a hearthstone. It also provides a single die bonus to one of the abilities favored by the type of exalt it imitates (determined at the time of construction).

Material Bonuses

While no material bonuses are provided by the masquerade (and, therefore, no additional essence is needed to attune one), it must be made of the material associated with the type of exalt whose flare it imitates. Nearly all of these items, therefore, are jade. The Gold Faction has started to produce a handful of orichalcum versions for deep cover agents masquerading as solars. There are rumors that some soulsteel versions exist, though what purpose those who wear them have is unknown. Moonsilver versions would require the cooperation of No Moon lunars but if this has happened is anyone's guess. Surprisingly, some startmetal versions do exist, usually used by sidereals who wish to pass as another type of sidereal.


Hammer in the Woods has an orichalcum version of this built to emulate the Eclipse caste. It provides an extra die to Bureaucracy tests.

Juuken wears a black jade version, built to emulate water aspects. It provides an extra die to Larceny tests.

Game Information

Summary: Caste mark disguise
Rating: ●●
Commitment: 2
Materials: jade, orichalcum, moonsilver, soulsteel, starmetal