Short powerbow

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The term "short powerbow" generically refers to any magical shortbow.


Juuken wields a black jade short powerbow, named "".

Adrios also has a black jade bow of this kind, named "Motion of the Sharp Wave", with carvings of rushing, crashing waves forming the arms. He took it from a dragon blooded official who he assassinated.

Cruxis gained an orichalcum bow name "Door Splitter" from the Unapproachably Bright Glow.

Game Information

Summary: Magical shortbow
Rating: ●●
Commitment: 4
Hearthstone Sockets: 1
Materials: jade, orichalcum, moonsilver, soulsteel, starmetal
Speed: +0
Accuracy: +2
Damage: arrow+2L
Rate: 2
Range: 250