Dragon Figurines

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Exquisitely detailed and expertly carved, these figurines of a tiny winged dragons have horns that loop backwards, allowing them to be hung on a chain or cord. Each figurine is unique, though they have similar functions. When invested with 5 motes of essence, the figurine comes to life and will follow the commands of the user as long as it remains in the user’s line of sight. In this form, the dragon may breathe a small cloud of gas into the face of any visible target once per day. The target of this breath will either gain or lose (user’s choice) a dot of an attribute (different for each figurine) for the remainder of the scene. If used on a hostile target, this requires an attack roll, using the user's attribute + permanent Essence. Such an attack may not be blocked, but can be dodged normally. One net success will subject the target to the full effects, unless the target has some resistance against gas attacks.


Cruxis owns an orichalcum version of that alters Appearance.

Guen owns a moonsilver version of that alters Wits.

Gutts owns an orichalcum version of that alters Strength.

Varden owns an orichalcum version of that alters Stamina.

Game Information

Summary: Jewelry that can fly
Commitment: 0
Activation: 5
Repair: ●●
Materials: jade, orichalcum, moonsilver, soulsteel, starmetal