Incandescent Razor

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In addition to the bonuses listed below, this thin, curved, orichalcum blade can drain the essence of materialized spirits and demons. When making an attack against such a target, the wielder may reflexively spend 2 motes of essence to drain a number of motes from the spirit or demon equal to his permanent Essence plus the number of health levels of damage the attack actually inflicted. Half of this essence (round down) is added to the wielder’s peripheral essence pool while the other half charges the blade itself, causing it to glow brightly. The glow of the blade continues to get brighter with each mote it steals.

Every five full motes that charge the blade in this way increase the damage bonus of the weapon by +1L for rest of the scene. Holding such a charged blade is difficult however and, for each +1 bonus, feedback from the blade deals 1 level of lethal damage to the wielder at the start of each turn, soakable only with Stamina. (For example, a blade that absorbed 18 motes of essence will have a damage bonus of +3 and will deal 3L damage to the wielder each turn.)

Drained motes that would raise the wielder’s peripheral pool beyond its maximum increase his personal pool instead. Motes that would raise this pool beyond maximum instead charge the blade.

A zenith caste solar attuned to this blade may also channel his anima through it as part of an attack by spending 5 motes. Such attacks do aggravated damage to demons, undead and other creatures of darkness, as well as deathnights.


This blade is now wielded by Cruxis

Game Information

Summary: An orichalcum reaper daiklaive that hates demons
Rating: ●●●
Commitment: 6
Materials: orichalcum
Speed: +5 (+6 when attuned by a solar)
Accuracy: +3 (+4 when attuned by a solar)
Damage: +4L
Defense: 3 (+4 when attuned by a solar)