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Name: Cruxis
Gender: Male
Birthdate: 12 Ascending Fire 741
Height: 175 cm
Weight: 77 kg
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Blonde
Skin Color: Tan
Caste: Zenith
Nature: Bureaucrat
Appearance:  ●●●
Charisma:  ●●●
Dexterity:  ●●●●
Intelligence:  ●●●●
Manipulation:  ●●●
Perception:  ●●●
Stamina:  ●●●
Strength:  ●●●
Wits:  ●●●●
Conviction:  ●●●
Temperance:  ●●●
Valor:  ●●
Willpower:  ●●●●● ●●●
Essence:  ●●●●
Limit: 2
Archery:  ●●●
Bureaucracy ●●●
Endurance ●●●
Investigation ●●
Larceny ●●●●
Linguistics:  ●●
Lore:  ●●
Martial Arts: 
Medicine:  ●●
Melee ●●●●●
Occult:  ●●
Performance ●●
Presence ●●●●●
Socialize ●●●●
Survival ●●●●●
Languages: High Realm, Riverspeak, Old Realm
Artifact: ●●
Contacts: ●●
Resources: ●●●●
Deft Official's Way
Ox-Body Technique
Essence-Gathering Temper
Willpower-Enhancing Spirit
Armored Scout's Invigoration
Ten Magistrate Eyes
Body-Mending Meditation
Grievous Injury Recovery Method
Seasoned Criminal Method
Flawlessly Impenetrable Disguise
Golden Essence Block
Dipping Swallow Defense
Bulwark Stance
Fivefold Bulwark Stance
Retrieve Fallen Weapon
Call the Blade
Summoning Loyal Steel
Excellent Strike
Hungry Tiger Technique
Fire and Stones Strike
Heavenly Guardian Defense
Solar Counterattack
Spirit-Detecting Glance
Spirit-Cutting Attack
Respect Commanding Attitude
Harmonious Presence Meditation
Hypnotic Tongue Technique
Command Voice
Listener-Swaying Argument
Rose-Lipped Seduction Style
Hardship-Surviving Mendicant Spirit
Element-Resisting Prana
Wise-Eyed Courtier Method
Mastery of Small Manners
Infinite Possibility Slash

Cruxis is a solar exalted of the Eclipse caste in the Forgotten Suns campaign, played by Wordman.


Fun-loving, charming but occasionally a bit of a sleazebag. Willing to let others do the work. Very intolerant of the undead, but without knowing exactly why.


Cruxis looks and speaks very much like Hugh Grant.


Torvis Ryal, who now calls himself Cruxis, spent most of his life in the Imperial City, studying to become a minister in the Thousand Scales. Blessed with charm and a gift for numbers, he was appointed to a minor post within the Imperial Treasury. He enjoyed his three years in the treasury, particularly the influence it gave him, but considered his off-hours more important. In spite of his wife and child, he spent a good deal of time carousing and having affairs as high up the social ladder as he could climb.

His crowning achievement to that end was to woo Nellens Marrianna, a well connected dragon-blooded magistrate. While in bed with her in her countryside cottage, he exalted, a memorable (and intensely pleasurable) experience for both of them.

Rather than flee in terror from this new anathema, Marrianna help conceal him. True to her house, Marrianna saw in him a unique opportunity, both long and short term. Knowing full well that he would need to run sooner or later, Marrianna suggested a plan: until he was discovered as anathema, Ryal would use his position in the treasury to embezzle funds for Marrianna and route funds to the (indirect) advantage of House Nellens. In return for the jade, Marrianna would keep silent and help conceal his new nature and illegal activities for as long as possible. Further, should he be exposed as an exalted, she vowed to help him escape the Realm. Though the plan was dangerous, Ryal had few options, so agreed.

After hiding in the cottage until his anima calmed, Ryal enacted the plan. Ever the bureaucrat, he was able to manipulate the system for eight months before being detected. While constantly fearing being exposed as anathema, he was actually caught first for embezzling and imprisoned.

True to her word, Marrianna manipulated her way into heading the investigation and had Ryal brought before her. During their meeting, she informed him that she had arranged an escape for him on the way from her offices back to his cell. Further, she had arranged a secret transport to the Scavenger Lands. He thanked and kissed her, then broke away from his guards as planned. Once free, however, he abandoned Marrianna’s plan and enacted his own.

Fearful that he may not be able to rely on Marrianna, Ryal had managed to stash away a fairly decent hoard for himself as well. While he had appeared over the previous eight months to be carousing as he always had, he was, in fact, arranging his own escape. He relied on an influential friend: Madras Ophiel, a former lover and mid-ranking member of the Guild. With her help, he managed to get to Lookshy without incident, leaving his wife and child far behind him.

Taking the name Cruxis, he spent the next two years visiting every city in the Scavenger Lands, storing his stolen funds to numerous banks and guild houses, as well as investing in various enterprises.

While in Great Forks, he began to feel the pull of the manse where he met the circle.


Confident to a fault, Cruxis tends not to think too far ahead, trusting his charm and exalted nature to get him out of trouble. While he has a general concern for the well-being of mortals, he has a hard time mustering much consideration for individual humans he runs across. More often than not, he tends to consider mortals he meets as tools, particularly women.

Normally cool and collected, he tends to be enraged by the presence of undead or demons, with an urge to set them on fire. He does not understand this urge, which disturbs him.

While travelling, he took great pains to keep his exalted nature secret, and was never suspected. As a result, he hesitates to spend peripheral essence.


Cruxis misses his old life, where there were rules to follow and everything got done correctly. He has found a new set of rules in trade and finance, and wants to get better at these.


Improvement Cost Spent Time Instructor Location
Archery to 1 3 3 144 hours Adrios Manse
Archery to 2 2 5 48 hours Adrios Manse
Archery to 3 4 9 96 hours Adrios Manse
Endurance to 3 3 12 0 hours self Manse
Larceny to 3 3 15 0 hours self Manse
Melee to 4 5 20 0 hours self Grey River
Dipping Swallow Defense 8 28 32 hours self Grey River
Retrieve Fallen Weapon 8 36 8 hours self Grey River
Call the Blade 8 44 32 hours self Grey River
Summoning Loyal Steel 8 52 48 hours self Grey River
Seasoned Criminal Method 8 60 48 hours self Nexus
Excellent Strike 8 68 16 hours self Achipelego of the Exiles
Socialize to 3 3 71 0 hours self Achipelego of the Exiles
Socialize to 4 5 76 0 hours self Achipelego of the Exiles
Hungry Tiger Technique 8 84 32 hours self Achipelego of the Exiles
Sail to 1 3 87 144 hours Crew of Dawn's Edge Western Ocean
Medicine to 2 2 89 96 hours Crew of Dawn's Edge Western Ocean
Essence to 3 16 105 0 hours self Western Ocean
Occult to 2 2 107 96 hours Crew of Dawn's Edge Western Ocean
Bulwark Stance 8 115 48 hours self
Melee to 5 7 122 0 hours self Grey River
Fivefold Bulwark Stance 8 130 80 hours self
Spirit-Detecting Glance 10 140 32 hours self The Lap
Grevious Injury Recovery Method 10 150 64 hours self
Larceny to 4 5 155 0 hours self
Flawlessly Impenetrable Disguise 8 163 64 hours self
Spirit-Cutting Attack 10 173 64 hours self Mine
Ox-Body Technique 8 181 24 hours Gutts
Listener-Swaying Argument 8 189 48 hours self Mine
Mastery of Small Manners 8 197 32 hours self Mine
Rose-Lipped Seduction Style 8 205 48 hours self Yugash
Presence to 4 5 210 0 hours self Yugash
Presence to 5 7 217 0 hours self Yugash
Linguistics to 2 2 219 48 hours ???? Yugash
Hypnotic Tongue Technique 8 227 80 hours self Yugash
Command Voice 8 235 80 hours self Yugash
Lore to 1 3 238 144 hours ???? Yugash
Lore to 2 2 240 48 hours ???? Yugash
Willpower-Enhancing Spirit 8 248 48 hours self Yugash
Ten Magistrate Eyes 8 256 48 hours self Yugash
Heavenly Guardian Defense 8 264 64 hours self Yugash
Strength to 3 8 272 384 hours ??? Yugash
Fire and Stones Strike 8 280 48 hours self Yugash
Solar Counterattack 8 288 64 hours self Yugash
Infinite Possibility Slash 21 309 463 hours self Yugash
Survival to 3 3 312 0 hours self Autochthonian Reaches
Hardship-Surviving Mendicant Spirit 8 320 48 hours self Autochthonian Reaches
Survival to 4 5 325 0 hours self Autochthonian Reaches
Survival to 5 7 332 0 hours self Autochthonian Reaches
Element-Resisting Prana 8 340 80 hours self Autochthonian Reaches
Essence to 4 24 364 576 hours self Autochthonian Reaches
Ride to 1 3 367 288 hours self On the road. Finished in Autochthonian Reaches

Items of Note