Sheltering the Pack

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When attuned, the abstract design of this moonsilver articulated plate mutates to match the personality of the wearer. If attuned by a lunar, the patterns often mirror the lunar's tattoos. Initially designed to allow its maker to defend his mortal and beastman tribe, the wearer can extend certain kinds of a protection to any within eyeshot. Minute threads of starmetal woven through the armor allow the wearer to make small adjustments to the fate of his "pack".

Tragically, this was not enough for the lunar who created this armor, as his entire tribe was slaughtered by Fair Folk after the Great Contagion broke out. Stricken with grief at is inability to protect his charges, the lunar snapped, stripping naked and running into the Wyld. His fate is lost to history, but the No Moons found the armor eventually and chose to give it to a young No Moon who exalted while defending his tribe. Unfortunately, once his form was fixed, this lunar became obsessed with sorcery and never saw his tribe again.

Once the armor is attuned, the wearer may reflexively commit additional motes of essence to protect others. Each mote allows the wearer to protect a group of mortals with combined Essence ratings equal to his own. Protection can also be extended a group of animals at twice this rating. Mortals that can manipulate essence, Exalts and other magical entities may be protected at half the mortal rate. For example, a wearer with Essence 3 that commits four more motes into the armor could protect either a dozen Essence 1 mortals, 24 Essence 1 animals, two Essence 3 exalts, 1 Essence 6 spirit or any equivalent combination thereof. This protection can only be granted to those the wearer can see at the time of the commitment, but lasts as long as the motes remain committed. The wearer may uncommit motes reflexively (though, of course, such essence is then considered spent and must be regenerated normally), choosing which targets are then unprotected. The wearer may also withdraw protection without releasing the motes reflexively. If, for example a single mote covered three mortals, the wearer could withdraw protection from one of them while keeping the mote committed to protect the other two; however, protecting new targets requires additional motes.

The wearer may reflexively activate one of the following on any of his protected targets up to Essence times each turn:

  • Provide bonus dice to a Stamina, Endurance, Resistance, Survival, Conviction or Valor test that the target makes. The wearer may provide a number of dice equal to his own current score in the trait being boosted. These dice can be given entirely to one target, or may be distributed individually among those protected, assuming they are all making the same test at the same time. Only one trait may be boosted per activation (though should the wearer want to give both, say, Stamina and Endurance bonuses, he could use two actvations back to back).
  • Prevent a botch rolled by the target.
  • Transfer one lethal health level that would be inflicted to the target to the wearer. Again, the wearer may use back to back activations to transfer more than one level from a single attack. Already existing wounds may not be transfered, only those being inflicted.

The wearer need not perceive the target being protected to use any of the above effects, which reach the target regardless of location; however, protection of the "pack" provides no special awareness of the condition of the pack members. Therefore, while it is possible for the wearer to bestow one of the above effects on a protected target that he cannot see, it is unlikely that he would know to do so. When committing motes to name a target as protected, the wearer does not need the target's permission; however, the target may refuse any of the effects at the time they are activated. Refused effects are wasted.

If the user qualifies, they may receive the material bonus for moonsilver (no mobility penalty) when attuning this armor.


When Guen attuned to this armor, he received a vision of it's history.

Game Information

Summary: Moonsilver armor that protects those around its wearer
Rating: ●●●●
Commitment: 6 + variable"+variable" can not be assigned to a declared number type with value 6.
Materials: moonsilver
Soak: 14B/12L
Hardness: 2B/2L
Mobility: -2 (0 for full attunement)
Fatigue: 1
  Power: ●●●●●
  Usefulness: ●●●
  Game Impact: ●●
  Script Immunity: ●●
  Drawback - Essence: ●●●
  Drawback - Component: ●●
  Drawback - Notoriety: