Boots of Descending Thunder

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This pair of leather boots appear well worn, but sturdy. They will adjust their size to fit any who attune to them. While attuned and worn, the boots reflexively speed the actions or their wearer, bestowing a +2 bonus to initiative. The boots may also increase movement rate through the expenditure of additional essence. By expending 5 motes, the wearer triples either his leaping distance or running speed for the rest of the scene. Only one of these bonuses (leaping or running) may be used at a time, and is fixed at the time of activation. Switching from one bonus to the other can only be done by spending the activation cost again.

The boots can also absorb the impact from any fall. While the bonus to leaping is in effect, impact from landings is absorbed, preventing damage to the user. In addition, should the user fall at any time (even without the leaping bonus being active), the user may spend 1 mote of essence to soak one level of falling damage, redirecting the energy from the impact in a display of sound and light. This cost must be spent before damage is rolled. There is no upper limit on how much essence may be spent in this way, allowing the user to survive a fall from any height, provided he has enough essence.


Gutts gets a lot of mileage out of his pair.

Game Information

Summary: Really loud jumping boots
Rating: ●●●
Commitment: 5