Efficient Kata Bands

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Efficient kata bands are a more subtle and much less powerful cousins of perfected kata bracers (Aspect Book: Earth, pg. 80). Like their more potent relatives, these bands are fashioned as prayer strips that wrap around the wearer's upper arms. If an attuned wearer has a martial arts form active, they gain one dice to any attack or defense rolls that are considered unarmed for that form.

Material Bonuses

Unlike most artifacts, efficient kata bands, wrap most of their primary abilities into their material bonus. These are:

Jade: At the start of each turn when the wearer is using a martial arts form (before initiative is rolled) or when a form is activated, the wearer may add their Essence to either their lethal and bashing soak or the speed rating of unarmed martial arts attacks using that form.

Moonsilver: When a martial arts form is active, the wearer may slip around defences, negating the bonus provided by shields or other cover by their Essence rating.

Orichalcum: When a martial arts form is active, unarmed martial arts attacks agained demons, ghosts or undead gain a number of damage dice equal to the wearer's Essence.

Soulsteel: When a martial arts form is active, if unarmed martial arts attacks against a mortal inflict more health levels than the mortal's Stamina, the mortal dies immediately. Entities that can manipulate essence (including mortals) are not affected by this effect.

Starmetal: When a martial arts form is activated, choose to either subtract 3 motes from the cost of any sidereal level martial arts charms or subtract 2 motes from any charms from the same style as the active form. This effect lasts as long as the form does, and may be included in the cost of activating the form, if applicable. This reduction may not reduce a charm cost below 1 and is not compatible with sutras.


Last Envy wore startmetal bands on his upper arms, with intricately carved spider webs writhing over the surface, upon which the student's sutra of consumption (Sidereals, pg. 184) is written in raised metal. These bands passed on to Stag.

Game Information

Summary: Armbands that enhance sidereal martial arts
Rating: ●●
Commitment: 4
Materials: jade, orichalcum, moonsilver, soulsteel, starmetal