Rain of Thorn

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This type of Tirobhava oath idealizes thorns and their way of acting as defense while inflicting damage. It associates weapons with thorns and thirsts for the blood they can spill, so favors those that swear to spill blood with its power, particularly if they do so to defend something else. Intangible in creation, this oath incorporates itself into or onto weapons in some way in the Wyld, such as a sword pommel or the gold engraving on a spear blade.


The raksha archers Paradise and Fist swore to "protect Cahlenna and destroy her enemies". This oath wrapped around their Barkhorn Bow strings like spun gold and granted them an Archery specialty (+2 against Cahlenna's enemies). This oath is now decaying in the vault of the Forgotten Manse.

Game Information

Tirobhava Oath
Artifact: ●●●●
Commitment: 4
Mutation Cost: 3
Mutations: Surpassing Excellence, Defining the Parameters of Battle, Grace of Infinite Revolving Spheres
Shaping: Staff Weapon
Speed: 10
Accuracy: 0
Damage: +9Lp
Defense: 1

While the oath is upheld, the one who swears it gains a two die specialty to a single combat specialty. This specialty is related to the oath and does not count against specialty limits. The oathtaker ignores the multiple action penalties on her first five actions in a turn. She may also spend a point of gossamer to gain a reflexive parry at full Dexterity + Melee pool against an unblockable normal or ring- or sword-shaping attack, adding six bonus successes. If this ability is used to parry a shaping attack, it may parry another such attack for free in the same scene.