Book of Infinite Potential

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All books of infinite potential initially appear as hardback tomes, bound in black leather, with 125 blank vellum pages. When touched to another book and ten motes is spent, the book of infinite potential mutates and shifts into a close copy of the book being touched. All text and images are reproduced exactly, and the book takes on the size, shape and number of pages of the original. The binding is also duplicated very closely, but not exactly: on the lower right corner of the front cover and on the spine a triangle of three dots (∴) appears in embossed silver, indicating the book is a copy. These books only reproduce contents, not ability, so any magical effects the original book might have are not reproduced in any way.


The Forgotten Circle has accumulated several of these, which are kept inside Jorias' Cache Egg.

Game Information

Summary: Blank book into which another book may be copied.
Commitment: 0
Activation: 10