Topaz Mind

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This type of Srishti oath enjoys managing complexity, regardless of its source. To further its aims, it grants one who swears to some sort of oath involving complex situations the ability to handle many tasks as once. This type of oath is insubstantial in creation, usually manifests as a sphere of some kind.


When Cahlenna swore that "none will surpass my ability at running the Topaz House", this oath coalesced into a sphere of perfect topaz that moved at random around her body. Guen claimed this oath when Cahlenna was killed.

Game Information

Srishti Oath
Artifact: ●●●●●
Commitment: 5
Mutation Cost: 1
Mutations: Grace of the Infinite Revolving Spheres
Shaping: Staff Weapon
Speed: 8
Accuracy: -1
Damage: +7Lp
Defense: 3

While the oath is upheld, the one swearing it ignores multiple action penalties for her first five actions in a turn.

When used in shaping combat, the Topaz Mind can intercept attacks, providing three automatic successes when parrying staff shaping attacks.