Evanescent Aegis

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Once attuned, this suit of orichalcum reinforced breastplate provides +2 to Athletics rolls. In addition, a person attuned to this armor may reflexively spend 3 motes to banish the suit to or from Elsewhere.

If the user qualifies, they may receive the material bonus for orichalcum (+2B/+2L) when attuning this armor.


Jorias currently wears this armor.

Game Information

Summary: Orichalcum, summonable armor
Rating: ●●●●
Commitment: 4
Materials: orichalcum
Soak: 9B/10L
Mobility: -1
Fatigue: 1
  Power: ●●●●
  Usefulness: ●●●
  Game Impact: ●●
  Script Immunity: ●●
  Drawback - Essence: ●●
  Drawback - Component:
  Drawback - Notoriety: