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Name: Guen
Gender: Male
Birthdate: 6 Resplendent Wood 749
Height: 180 cm
Weight: 100 kg
Eye Color: light
Hair Color: black
Skin Color: light
Caste: Changing Moon
Appearance:  ●●●●
Charisma:  ●●●●
Dexterity:  ●●●●●
Intelligence:  ●●
Manipulation:  ●●●●
Perception:  ●●●
Stamina:  ●●●●
Strength:  ●●●
Wits:  ●●●
Compassion:  ●●
Conviction:  ●●
Temperance:  ●●●
Valor:  ●●
Willpower:  ●●●●● ●●●
Essence:  ●●●●
Limit: 0
Archery ●●●●●
Athletics:  ●●●
Awareness:  ●●●
Dodge ●●●●●
Martial Arts ●●●●●
Performance:  ●●●●●
Resistance:  ●●
Socialize:  ●●
Stealth ●●●●
Survival ●●
Languages: Riverspeak
Familiar: ●●●
Heart's Blood: ●●●
Resources: ●●●●
Ox-Body Technique
Bowing Reed Technique
Hide-Toughening Essence
Amor-Forming Technique
Essence Discerning Glance
Cat-in-a-Box Kata
Feline Grace Meditation
Flawless Sweep Attack
High Stance Counterattack
Leopard Form
Leopard's Dance of Avoidance
Low Stance Counterthrow
Sense-Sharpening Change
Deadly Beastman Transformation
Finding the Spirit's Shape
Humble Mouse Shape
Towering Beast Form
Calling Luna's Favor
Hide of the Cunning Hunter
Masking the Brilliant Form
Shaping the Silver Skin
Shaping the Ideal Form
Stealthy Fox Method
Chameleon Skin Disguise
Crimson Cat Leaping Technique
Striking Fury Claws Attack
Tiger Form
Celestial Tiger Hide

Guen is a lunar exalt of the Changing Moon caste in the Forgotten Suns campaign, played by Liz.




Guendan was the only child born to Delwar, a noble man, and his wife Airylan in the prominent city of Larjyn. Delwar was a scholar who was well trained in history and the knowledge of the ancients. Guen began learning to read and his training in the martial arts at a very young age.

When Guen was only five years old, Delwar grew sick and over the course of a nearly a year, he grew progressively weaker and eventually died in his sleep. Despite her grief Airylan attempted to shield her son from the trauma of his father’s death by spending a great deal of time with him. She took him to the market places and brought him to shows. She spent hours reading to him and watching him train in the courtyards. Her efforts had a very positive effect on her son. Guen did well in his studies and he was happy, outgoing child, but where he truly showed the most promise was in the martial arts. He moved with a catlike grace and speed that was unrivaled by any of his peers. Airylan began to enter her son in the local tournaments held by the nobles of the city.

The tournaments were a symbol of great importance in Larjyn. Aside from the monetary rewards, winning tournaments brought great status and honor to a family. Marriages and political alliances or mergers were often formed allowing families to move into higher classes of nobility following a series of successful tournaments. There were four class distinctions within the nobility of Larjyn. With The dragon blooded being the highest class, followed respectively by Quarest, Nadan, and finally Ramor being the lowest level of nobility within the city. Each competetor fought within his age group and class and represented his own family at the tournaments unless there was an alliance between families in which case the fighter could fight respresenting the family of his ally in a prearranged agreement between the family. However it was not uncommon for the winner of his class at the tournaments to catch some attention from the nobles in the class above them.

By the time Guen was eight years old he had already won enough competitions to have gained the attention of many higher ranking noble families even though he was fighting in the Ramor class. Guen’s accomplishments and the fact that Airylan was a very beautiful widow attracted the attentions of noble lord named Zalhryal of the high ranking Quarest. Zalhryal had lost his own wife several years back and he felt that he was finally ready to remarry. Zalhryal married Airylan and brought her and Guen back to live with him and his two children. He promised to treat Guen well and further his studies and training.

Guen was introduced to Zalhryal’s children shortly after arrving in his new home. Dansar was a tall, thin lipped, narrow eyed boy with an overly large nose about 2 years older than Guen. He made it clear to Guen within seconds of their meeting by deliberately snubbing him that he considered Guen beneath him. The other child Taryn was a pretty little girl just a few weeks older than Guen. Unlike her brother, Taryn was glad to have a child her age to spend time with and the two became instant friends.

Taryn was an intelligent child who wanted desperately to be allowed to learn and study, but it was rare that even the highest nobles would send a female child to school. As the years went by Guen taught Taryn to read and write. He shared the information he learned in his lectures with her and allowed her to read his books with him.

During this time, Guen was now fighting in the Quarest class and winning so many competitions that there was talk of allowing him to advance to a higher age group. His friendly personality and good looks also added to the interest of many noble families with daughters of the appropriate age. Zalhryal was so pleased at this that he came to Guen and asked him what reward he might like to receive for the honor and award money that he had brought to the family. Guen didn’t even need to think about his answer. The money that he was winning was more than enough to pay for Taryn’s formal education and he asked that she be allowed to study to become a monk. The kindly nobleman was so touched and taken aback by Guen’s selflessness that aside from granting his request, he announced from that moment that there would be no distinction between Guen and his other children. Guen would be as his own son.

This announcement enraged Dansar who had grown increasingly jealous and resentful of Guen over the years. Dansar was a good fighter and his father had shown great pride in him until Guen came into the family. Now Guen’s fighting skills that far outshined his own were the talk of the tournaments. Dansar had also noticed that Guen did not spend an exceptional amount of time practicing. The fluid fighting movements just came naturally to Guen while Dansar had to spend hours and hours of training to be good at the art. Dansar knew that there was talk of excelling Guen in the tournament levels. If Guen began jumping levels Dansar might have to face him during the games. He could not even stand to think of his public humiliation at being beaten by the lower ranking Ramor that his father had brought to their home. Now to make matters worse, his father was announcing that Guen would be his equal in status. Dansar began to fantasize about getting “rid” of Guen but he tried to push the idea out of his head.

Several months later on Guen’s 15th birthday the announcement came that Guen would be excelled to the next level of competition which would allow him to fight against 16 and 17 year olds. This also meant that Dansar would have to fight Guen if he wanted to win the competition.

Taryn loved the martial arts. She often liked to watch her brothers on the training fields. She would go down and sit along the sidelines wishing that she could be part of the action. In truth she was could hold her own at the art, having been sparring for years with Guen in their spare time when others were not looking. She hated the fact that being a female held her back from so many things and Guen was the friend to whom she confided her feelings. Taryn had wanted to learn to fight and Guen hadn’t been able to think of a good reason why she shouldn’t learn and so he had trained her.

While Taryn was down on the fields watching the training, a stray wooden spike that Dansar had been attempting to work with flew dangerously close to her head. Taryn had quickly left the field but as she was leaving she heard Dansar being scolded by the instructor for being clumsy with his weapon. Later that evening, Dansar confronted Taryn blaming her for his embarrassment on the field. Taryn attempted to explain that she had not meant to be in the way, but Dansar warned her not to come down by the training fields again and slapped her hard across the face.

Guen saw Dansar hit Taryn and he ran across the room to her defense. He took Dansar down easily and warned him never to harm Taryn again. Dansar considered going to his father about Guen’s interference, but Zalhryal would no doubt find a way to excuse Guen and his father would also find out how easily Guen had beaten him. At this point Dansar decided that Guen had to be removed permanently. He would just have to wait for an opportunity.

Opportunity came several weeks later during a multi-family trip to the countryside. Guen’s abilities in the martial arts had gained enough public attention to attract the interest of many of the dragonblooded within the city. They watched his cat like movements in combat with extreme interest and suspision. One dragonblooded noble named Kyndel noticed the obvious resentment that Dansar held for Guen. Wanting to see if Guen was indeed a potential lunar exalted, he persuaded Dansar to help place Guen in harms way. Kyndel promised that if Guen was not an exalted then Dansar would be rid of Guen altogether, if he was exalted the dragon blooded would deal with him.


Later that day, Zalhyral sent the two boys to fish in the canal for dinner. The canal was filled with fish, but it was also filled with hungry crocodiles. The land where Dansar was standing at the edge dropped suddenly in an almost sheer 10 foot drop into the canal itself. The edge of the land was slick with moss and wet rocks. Dansar nearly lost his footing and as he looked down to the crocodiles below, he breathed a sigh of relief. He looked over at Guen who was preparing to drop the fishing line into the water. Dansar called Guen over to the slippery area of rock. Feining an interest in something floating in the water, Dansar got Guen to lean over the edge. At this point he pretended to lose his balance and knocked Guen into the canal. As a crocodile lunged for Guen, Dansar pretended to be horrified and shouted that he would get help.

Guen struggled under the water with the large crocodile, desperately trying to get away. A soft voice seemed to call out to him. “You will survive”, she said. Suddenly he found himself tearing into the alligator like a rabid animal. He managed to surface and get some breath. He clawed the animals eyes and savagely bit at its softer underbelly. The animal released its jaws from his leg. The animal lunged at him again. Guen dove down and he scraped up a rock from the canal bottom and rammed it between the crocodiles jaws. The animal thrashed about in rage but instead of fleeing he stayed and using another rock he pursued and bludgeoned the animal to death. He dragged the dying animal to the side of the canal. What happened next was like something out of a nightmare as he was unable to stop himself from devouring the animals heart. His leg was badly torn although it was not bleeding. He was covered in the crocodiles blood. The animal was torn wide open. He had no idea how long he had even been at it. Suddenly he became aware of shouts. His stepfather was shouting and running frantically along with several dragonblooded noblemen toward a piece of land which sloped more gently down to the canal. It took Guen several seconds to realize the source of the man’s hysteria. Taryn stood several yards away looking at him. As soon as he turned to her, she started walking toward him. Horrified at what he had done and afraid of what he might do next he warned the girl to get away. She continued to walk over to him saying his name cautiously. Reaching she out she grabbed his hand and tried to look at his wounded leg.

By this time Zalhryal had made it down the embankment. Looking up Guen saw the look of disgust in the man’s face. He tried to flee but Taryn was still holding on to him. Misjudging his strength he attempted to shove her off of him, but the force of the shove sent her slamming onto the ground several yards away. Unable to control or understand what was happening Guen fled into the forest. The dragon blooded pursued him but lost him in the thick woods.

Guen remembered little of his actions for a period of time after fleeing from his family. He knew that he was acting like a savage beast and that he had incredible powers and energy. His leg had fully healed in rapid time and he did not even bear a scar from the hideous wound. Eventually, he was found by Jaguan a lunar exalted who brought him back to his people.


Upon arriving with Jaguan at an area occupied by the lunars of the No Moon caste, Guen was terrified of what he saw. It seemed that everywhere he looked were people who were neither human nor animal but rather something in between. Some had hoofed feet, while others had horns. Many sported fur and savage animal teeth. Another was covered with birdlike feathers. All of them were covered with tatooes representing ritualistic body painting. They surrounded him on all sides with eager expressions on their strange faces.

Guen took an involuntary step closer to Jaguan, the new friend who had found him in the woods and managed to bring him back to a somewhat rational state of mind. Jaguan had attempted to explain the process of exaltation to Guen and to ease his fears about the changes he was experiencing. The lunar had remained patient and discretely curious during Guen’s fit of hysteria at seeing patches of thick scaly crocodile skin on various parts of his body. When the new lunar had regained enough calm to be reasoned with, Jaguan had told him about the shape shifting abilities possessed by the chosen children of Luna. He had assured Guen that he could soon learn to control these new capabilities and need not feel threatened by them. Guen had agreed to accompany Jaguan to see the elders of the No Moons where they could find out more about the changes he was going through.

Jaguan told Guen to remain where he was and stepped lightly forward toward an old man with braided unkempt white hair. The man’s skin was covered with soft downy silver hair resembling peach fuzz. He was seated on a large bolder which was set directly outside of a large tent like dwelling. Guen watched as Jaguan bowed his head respectfully toward the elder, letting his shiny mane of auburn hair fall forward over his shoulders. He listened intently and attempted to understand all of the exchange between the two lunars. His friend told the old man of how he had found Guen in the woods, details of the new lunar’s exaltation progress, and the massacre of the crocodile. Jaguan became increasingly animated as he spoke of Guen being from a big city and adding that he had been of noble lineage there. His head lifted and there was a trace of pride in his voice as he began to tell of the spots of crocodile skin that popped up intermittently on Guen’s skin. He stated that Guen had subconsciously begun to use his shape shifting abilities without even focusing or trying and adding that he must be a Changing Moon. Guen grew confused as Jaguan concluded his story by saying that he did not believe that the new lunar was a crocodile. He explained that Guen had reacted terribly to the partial shape changes that he had experienced and that he had showed no sign of empathy or identification with the animal that he had killed.

The elder had listened to the story without saying a word wearing a stone cold expression on his face. Now he turned to look at Guen. After studying him carefully the old man stated that Guen would be put through a series of tests to determine the strengths and weaknesses of his new abilities. The tests would determine what type of Lunar Exalted Guen was. “Changing Moon!” Jaguan spoke up quickly, earning a patient if not irritated look from the elder. “We have not determined anything yet ”, the aged lunar replied firmly turning back to Guen. Jaguan bowed his head but as he did so, Guen caught the look of stubborn disagreement blazing in his friend’s wide green eyes.

The elder lunar introduced himself as Korlysto, one of the leaders of the No Moon lunars. Guen was to be allowed to move freely, interact and train with the other lunars while preparations were made for the upcoming tests, casting and the eventual induction into his new caste as a lunar exalted. Jaguan headed over toward Guen but a stern look from Korlysto stopped the young lunar who lowered his head and slipped away into the camp.

Korlysto headed back toward his tent leaving Guen on his own among the band of lunars. He immediately scanned the crowd for Jaguan but he did not see any sign of his companion. This disturbed Guen as he had a lot of new questions to ask, and he did not like being left alone in this strange land among an even stranger people. He wondered why Jaguan showed no signs of animal characteristics, scars or tatooes.

Wandering around the large tribal settlement in search of Jaguan, Guen became aware of what appeared to be wild barbarian humans and even more outrageous looking men who seemed to be a distributed mix of human and animal. Unlike the lunars these animal men had no attributes or body parts that appeared completely human.

Entering the more crowded sections of the settlement Guen was assaulted by the strong unpleasant odor emanating from the people that he passed closer to. Attempting to hold his breath and move away from the people, Guen determined that bathing was not something that the barbarians placed much importance on.

Everywhere Guen went he felt out of place and he became increasingly assured that he could not ever be at home in a place like this. He searched everywhere he could think of for Jaguan, but he could find no trace of him. The anger he felt at being left to fend for himself was rapidly replaced by concern for the other lunar, when Korlysto brought him back to the tribal meeting area and announced that Guen’s tests were to begin. It appeared as though everyone in the encampment had gathered. Even the barbarians could be seen watching in awe from a distance and still there was no sign of Jaguan. His friend had stressed the importance of the tests to all members of lunar society. He had stated that Lunars often traveled great distances to witness the testing and casting of a new exalt. Guen did not believe that Jaguan would willingly miss any of his initiation process.

As Guen began to ponder his friend’s absence, he was grabbed roughly by a large framed, horned man who reminded Guen of a large bull. The man commanded Guen to go with him and seeing several other formidable lunars beside the bull man, Guen saw no choice but to obey.

Over the next few weeks Guen was brought to many terrifying places and faced many difficult foes. The other lunars kept placing Guen in dangerous situations most of which he barely escaped from with his life. He began to believe that the others were truly trying to kill him. He began to develop a deep rooted disdain for the his trial masters. Guen had never been violent by nature but weeks of being tossed into all manner of horrible situations had pushed him to the point where he felt that he would gladly kill these people if the opportunity arose. Guen had not forgotten Jaguan, but he had all he could handle just staying alive. More and more often he began to feel resentment toward and distrust of the one who had gotten him into this whole mess in the first place.

Finally the day came when Korlysto announced that the tests were finished. Guen had developed a new sense of savagery and his eyes burned furiously as he stared at the tribal leader. There were wounds on his arms , chest and one leg. His voice was dry and raw and his throat was swollen to the point that he could barely swallow from the heat of his latest desert trial. He was covered with sweat, filth and grime. The old man began to explain that the trials were necessary to make him strong and to determine what his strengths and weaknesses were. The new lunar paid little attention to the elder and focused only on how he might escape from this terrible place. His attention was suddenly captured as Korlysto announced that the tests had determined that he should be caste as a Changing Moon. He remembered that Jaguan had told the leader that he believed Guen to be a Changing Moon. No one had listened to him. For the first time in days or perhaps weeks he felt a flicker of concern for the auburn haired lunar who had brought him here and was still noticeably absent.

Korlysto announced that Guen’s initiation as a Changing Moon would take place two days from then. The elder began to explain to Guen about the duties and responsibilities of the Changing Moon’s. Korlysto spoke of the purposes of the different castes and how the Changing Moons searched for new lunar exalts and brought them to the No Moons to be tested and casted into the lunar society. Guen suddenly understood that Jaguan had found him and brought him here out of a sense of duty rather than that of friendship and realized the reason for his absense. The other lunar as a dutiful Changing Moon had probably left long ago to watch for other new exalts to bring back to this land of torture. As the conversation went on Guen again pondered how he would somehow escape that night.

At the conclusion of the meeting, Guen was brought to small tent. A large trough was filled with warm water and a bowl containing crude soap was on the floor beside the trough. Soft looking clean clothes were folded on a plush bedroll. A wooden tray containing many meats and fresh fruit and vegetables was next to the bedroll. A young and noticeably clean looking barbarian woman handed him a cup of hot brew and began to guide him to the bath trough. Wanting desperately to plan his escape and sleep, he indicated to the girl that he preferred to be left alone. After a bit of confusion and embarrassment the girl left the tent.

Guen drank the bitter brew, which tasted terrible but helped his swollen throat. He bathed and attempted to swallow some pieces of meat from the platter of food. Looking through the new clothes, he found lose brown pants and a shirt of the same color and soft material. There was also a dark green cloak made of a thicker and even softer material. He settled into the bedroll to sleep so that he might escape that night under the cover of darkness.

Later that night, Guen used his practiced shapeshifting skills to transform into the body of a hawk that he had killed to avoid starvation during one of his many life threatening tests. Peeking out of the tent, Guen saw no sign of anyone watching. He slipped from the tent and took to the air flying as fast and as far as he could away from the lunar camp. He set down several miles from the camp and changed back to human form to rest and clear his head. He had put so much though and energy into the escaping the camp that he realized now that he had put no thought into where he would go once he succeeded in escaping. Now he realized that he had no idea where he was. A worse thought was that even if he could find his way back to his home, he would never be welcome there. The dragon blooded would surely hunt him down endlessly. He did not want to live with the barbarians, but trying to survive on his own out here would be like living the tests every day for the rest of his life. He sank to the ground and buried his face in the folds of his new cloak having no idea what to do and knowing that there was no one that he could turn to. Huddled in his cloak he wondered why Luna had chosen him and what he possibly could have done to deserve all of this.

The new lunar’s thoughts were interrupted by the soft touch of a hand on his shoulder. Startled, Guen looked up to see a small child with silvery hair falling around her shoulders. Her skin sparkled and her eyes seemed to the house light of the moon itself. She studied him for a long moment and then smiled softly. “You are so fall of questions” she said, but her voice was that of a much older person. He new instantly who stood beside him.

Impulsively Guen began to speak. “Why would you choose me?” he asked. Seeing the intent stare of the goddess he averted his eyes as he continued. “Forgive me powerful goddess but I fear that I shall fail you. These lands are not home to me. I do not wish to stay here, yet I have nowhere left to run to. Everywhere that I go I shall be hunted. The places and people that I have loved are lost to me now. What purpose could I serve to you?”

“How troubled you are” the goddess said softly. The hand that had been resting on her shoulder now lifted to caress his cheek. “Do not fear my beautiful child. All is not lost for you. Great battles and wars have been waged in ages past and even greater ones have yet to be fought. I choose you, my warrior. I give my chosen ones great power but the choice of where and when to wield that power is always up to them.

Guen felt soothed by the touch of Luna’s hand as though he could somehow draw strength from it. He looked at her, the troubled expression still apparent in his eyes. “But I am not a killer. I simply wish to return home.”

Luna’s smile grew radiantly as she looked at him. “Your compassion and love of the life that you left behind is the source of your great strength. You will be hunted, but it will only make you stronger. Remember my love, that the most dangerous opponent is the animal that thinks it is defending its home and its pack, sensing that it is cornered and has nowhere left to run.”

The goddess began to fade as if dissipating into flickers of reflected moonlight. Soft words floated down to the new exalt. “You should know that not all of those whom you have known and cared about have forsaken you”.

As soon Luna disappeared Guen decided that he would return to the camp and finish his initiation as a Changing Moon. He would need all of the strength he could get for the difficult times he would face back home. While he still found the actions of most of the lunars he had met to be brutal and cruel if not completely monstrous and insane, for the first time, he understood and was grateful for the trials he had been put through. He sped back to the camp with renewed vigor, determined that he would not fail his goddess.

Guen returned to the camp and slipped into his tent unaware of the eyes that watched him. Jaguan peered at him from the cracked opening of a larger tent some distance across the sleeping area of the camp. He had attempted to observe as much of Guen’s activities as he could. He had caught glimpses of the new lunar over the past few weeks, as he returned to the camp often bruised and bloodied from the trials. Guen was being put through very difficult tests but he would emerge from these trials very strong. Tonight, he had heard sounds and moving around several hours earlier and had seen the hawk fly from the camp. Jaguan had been very tempted to follow Guen. He had known that the new lunar was fleeing and probably would not return. Unable to resist temptation now, Jaguan slipped into his totem fox form and slipped into Guen’s tent.

Guen was wide-awake, still thinking about his encounter with Luna when he heard the sound of something moving close by. Turning quickly he saw the fox seated beside his bedroll. Something told him instantly, that this was no ordinary fox, but a lunar in animal form. His eyes widened as the fox shifted into the form of the missing lunar Jaguan.

Jaguan spoke first “What made you come back to us? Surely you could have been long gone by now.”

Guen looked at him with distrust. “When did you come back?? Did you find more people to bring to the trials??”

“More people to bring to the trials??”, the auburn haired lunar asked. “No” he said with honest confusion in his voice.

“Where were you all these weeks?” Guen asked with a touch of sarcasm in his voice. “You brought me here and then you left”.

Jaguan averted his eyes. “ I didn’t” he began but his voice trailed off. “ I tried to do the right thing for you. I tried to help you. The trials may be unpleasant but if I had left you where I found you with no training they would have killed you, do not doubt this.”

“You have not answered my question”, Guen replied stubbornly. “Where were you?”

“I have been here, I have not left” he said though the anger in his eyes told Guen that there was much more to this story.

“What happened? What did they do to you?” the new lunar forgot any anger he might have had toward Jaguan as he realized that whatever had happened had not been of his friend’s choosing.

“It is complicated”, was Jaguan’s slow response. “My actions have angered the elders. I was sent to remain in solitary in order to think and reflect upon my behavior.”

“You are telling me that you have been serving some sort of punishment all these weeks?”, Guen asked in astonishment. Guen had never really known punishment. Certainly he had received stern reprimands from his mother at times when he had been a small child, but never anything severe. Weeks of solitary confinement! He wondered what in the name of the gods had this lunar done to deserve such a punishment.

“Not so much a punishment as a period of reflection and a chance to take a long time to think about the actions they believe I took without thinking. As I said it is complicated.” Jaguan looked up at Guen as he continued. “The elders who remember the first age are growing older and weaker. One day they will be gone. They are the only one’s who knew what it was like to live in the realm, the only ones who knew the children of the unconquered sun. The solar exalted are returning. The elders have mixed feelings about whether or not the solars are friends or foes. “ The young lunar leaned forward and lowered his voice as he spoke. “I believe that we must see for ourselves what these new and powerful beings are. We can not sit by and rely on knowledge based on a distant past that not even those who remember it can agree upon. We must explore their world and seek them out.”

“You were sent to solitary because you voiced an opinion? Because you believe that lunars and solars should meet?” Guen asked in disbelief?

Jaguan leaned back slowly. “No. I was sent to solitary because they have found out that I have been entering the realm to observe and sometimes aid the solars without the permission of my mentors.” Seeing the confusion on Guen’s face and knowing exactly what he was thinking Jaguan had to smile. “I know what you are thinking. You are wondering why I am not allowed to enter the civilized areas or the realm.

“Lunar society attempts to protect the members of the No Moon caste, but in truth it also keeps us very limited. Korlysto fears for my safety and considers the realm and its surrounding areas to be too dangerous for a No Moon as young and still inexperienced as I am. Though Korlysto did not know it, I had been to the cities and towns of the civilized world several times. I want you to know that I did not lie to him because he never asked me if I had been there nor did he ever actually say that I was not allowed to go.”

Guen nodded as things began to make sense now. Jaguan was a No Moon. “You got caught because you chose to bring me here. I am a city noble so there could be not doubt of where you would have found me. It would seem that I owe you a great deal my friend.”

Jaguan shrugged. “In truth when I saw the dragon blooded hunting through the woods, I was expecting to come to the aid of a solar. When I found you, I knew that bringing you here and being honest with Korlysto was the right course of action. He smiled again and he added “My period of reflection ended with the rise of the moon tonight. I will tell Korlysto that I have thought carefully about my actions and that I still stand by them.

The two continued to talk until the wee hours of the morning. Guen learned from Jaguan about charms that could be used to hide the scars, tatooes and any animal features that the lunars might have. Jaguan himself had many tattoos but the only visible animal feature that he possessed were the sharp canine teeth that were visible when he smiled. Using the charms he was able to appear as a normal 18 or 19 year old human.

After Guen’s initiation ceremony and tattoing, he spent many months learning and preparing himself for his return to civilization. Guen had finally found his totem animal, a large black panther that had been lurking in the jungle trees not far from the camp. He had known immediately upon seeing the cat that he needed to have this animal’s blood pumping through his veins. He had returned to the camp in cat form and no one had any doubt that Guen had finally found his animal spirit. In all of this time he grew no more at home in the barbarian settings nor took any interest in the wild barbarian women or lunar women who often looked his way.

When Guen set out to leave Jaguan accompanied him close to the city. He had gotten Korlysto to agree to permit him limited access to the civilized areas near the realm. He knew that he still had a lot of studying and practicing to do before he could blend in a civilized area for any long length of time. The young No Moon had been born into a barbarian tribe and after exalting spent most of his 73 years in or near the No Moon camps. It was only in recent years that he had begun to explore the settled areas beyond the barbarian territory.


After nearly a year in the wylds, Guen headed back to the city. He had to get back to a rational place even if just temporarily. He missed most of the people that he had known prior to his exaltation. His life here had been one of comfort and happiness. He did not want to believe that people could be so cold hearted as to turn their backs on a loved one so easily. He had to believe that their actions were the direct result of all the stories and teaching of the dragon blooded.

Wandering through the city, he shifted to the form of a hawk and flew into the courtyards of his former family. Without really thinking about it he headed to the area of the courtyard that had been his and Taryn’s favorite meeting spot. It was a secluded area surrounded by trees and vines. This had been their spot for studying and sparring. If one was upset and needed to talk or they planned to sneak out and enjoy a warm summer night, this had been the standard meeting spot.

When he landed in the trees, he was surprised to see the girl sitting on the grass in the corner reading a book. She had food and drink with her which meant that she had probably been making a day of it. He dropped softly to the ground and changed to human form. He began to approach her slowly unsure of how she would react to him, although he knew that she had tried to help him that day by the canal. He called her name softly from a few feet away. She turned and looked at him for a moment as if not believing what she was seeing. She started to rise and for a horrible second he thought that she was going to start screaming. But then she ran to him and hugged him happily. “You finally came back”, she said. “ Did you go to the Wylds”? They sat down and Guen explained his story to the girl to the best that he understood it all. Taryn understood a great deal of what he was talking about because she had spent much of the last year reading and researching about the lunar exalted. She warned him that his exaltation had brought the family under a lot of suspicion and disgrace. His mother was heartbroken. Dansar in an attempt to redeem their family honor had taken a position with the dragon blooded working to hunt and destroy the celestial exalted. Dansar was also determined to destroy Guen in particular, blaming him for everything that had ever gone wrong in his life. She added that although Zalhryal had not publicly defended Guen, his silent disapproval of Dansar’s actions led her to believe that he had not completely abandoned his adopted son. This only served to further fan the flames of Dansar’s hatred. Guen was not surprised that Dansar would be teaming up with the dragon-blooded. But he would not hunt him down and leave Zalhryal with no sons. He would not kill Dansar unless he had to. “ He pushed me in with the crocodile”, he said quietly.

“I always thought so but there was no way to prove it”, the girl replied. Guen knew that he had to leave before he got caught and brought more suspicion to his family. Taryn had long ago made the decision that she wanted to go with him wherever he went, but Guen feared for her safety and persuaded her to remain behind to keep an eye on Dansar and what he was doing. She knew that Guen had changed a great deal since she had seen him last yet, when she looked at him she still saw the childhood friend that she loved so much and couldn’t let go of. He was very driven now and he had a lot of anger inside of him now. Still, Guen had always been good to her and she had him to thank for paving the way to becoming the cleric that she now was. He had not deserved this fate and she would not abandon him under any circumstances.

Guen returned often to spend time with Taryn. Her unconditional acceptance of him helped to keep him believing that he was not a horrid beast. This in turn gave strength to his belief in his goal that without the dragon blooded, good hearted lunars who retained their memories and self control need not live lives of insanity in the Wylds. He also feared that if he stayed away to long, the girl would attempt to come looking for him. As it was, on one occasion he had left after a visit still feeling very upset about what he believed was the unjust killing of a new lunar and Taryn had attempted to follow him to the Wylds. He knew that as a monk she could often justify periods of absence as going to the countryside for a retreat of solitary meditation. Guen was also aware that she would never stand a chance there and he could not lose the one good thing that still remained in his otherwise shattered life.

Over the next four years Taryn remained as Guen’s best friend and primary contact with the civilized world, helping him toward what was now their shared goal in any way that she can.

After his first visit to his home city Guen returned often to stay with Taryn but he also enjoyed embarking on small adventures where he explored new cities and villages to spy upon the dragon blooded, whom he had come to despise so much. He despised them partly for what they had done to him, partly for what they did to the people whom they ruled over and partly out of pure love for his goddess. Sometimes Jaguan accompanied him, learning the ways of the people and how to blend into their society. During these trips there were occasional encounters with solar exalted. Both Guen and Jaguan became increasingly convinced over the next few years that the solars were indeed powerful allies against the dragon blooded who should be aided whenever possible.



Guen is always searching for new ways to take down the dragon blooded. He continues to use his original name as opposed to his lunar name except when he is dealing with other lunars even though he knows that this may make him easier to track. The reason for this is his stubborn refusal to give up any more of the life he once had in an effort to avoid the pursuit of the dragon blooded.


Improvement Cost Spent Time Instructor Location
Archery to 4 5 5 0 hours self unknown
Archery to 5 7 12 0 hours self unknown
Dodge to 5 7 19 0 hours self unknown
Ox-Body Technique 15 34 32 hours self unknown
Deadly Beastman Transformation 12 46 32 hours self unknown
Essence to 3 18 64 0 hours self
Deadly Beastman Transformation 12 76 32 hours self unknown
Humble Mouse Shape 12 88 48 hours self unknown
Calling Luna's Favor 12 100 48 hours self unknown
Flawless Sweep Attack 8 108 16 hours Jubilant Cricket Western Ocean
Feline Grace Meditation 8 116 24 hours Jubilant Cricket Western Ocean
Low Stance Counterthrow 8 124 32 hours Jubilant Cricket Western Ocean
Leopard's Dance of Avoidance 8 132 16 hours Jubilant Cricket Western Ocean
Cat-in-a-Box Kata 8 140 24 hours Jubilant Cricket Western Ocean
High Stance Counterattack 8 148 32 hours Jubilant Cricket Western Ocean
Leopard Form 8 156 32 hours Jubilant Cricket Western Ocean
Hide-Toughening Essence 15 171 48 hours self Mine
Amor-Forming Technique 15 186 80 hours self Mine
Crimson Cat Leaping Technique 8 194 16 hours Perfect Mountain Kether Rock
Striking Fury Claws Attack 8 202 24 hours Perfect Mountain Kether Rock
Tiger Form 8 210 32 hours Perfect Mountain Kether Rock
Celestial Tiger Hide 8 218 32 hours Perfect Mountain Kether Rock
Essence Discerning Glance 12 230 24 hours Hammer in the Woods Kether Rock
Performance to 3 4 234 96 hours Onyx Blossom Kether Rock
Performance to 4 6 240 144 hours Onyx Blossom Kether Rock
Performance to 5 8 248 192 hours Onyx Blossom Kether Rock
Essence to 4 27 275 self The eastern Wyld
Lore to 1 3 278 144 hours Swizzle Stick Nexus
Dexterity to 5 15 293 288 hours Monsoon Needles The eastern Wyld
Stamina to 4 12 305 383 hours Monsoon Needles The eastern Wyld


Items of Note