Celestial Phoenix Cauldrons

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These two cauldrons are wide-mouthed orichalcum vessels held up by the undulating coils of a dragon with crimson gems for eyes. The the 2,000+ pound body of each is about a yard across at its widest point, with a two foot wide mouth standing about five feet tall.

These cauldrons can produce alchemical products of up to berith circle alchemy, provided the correct ingredients are added and motes committed. Nearly any alchemical recipe known to the First Age can be produced, but the cauldrons themselves provide no knowledge of these recipes whatsoever, so the user must have a formula to make something.


A pair of these are held in the vault of the Forgotten Manse.

Game Information

Summary: Large vats that mix potions
Rating: ●●●●
Commitment: 0
Activation: 5
Repair: ●●●
Materials: orichalcum