Warding charm

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The term "warding charm" refers generically to a trinket of some kind that interferes with a particular type of creature, such as:

  • demons
  • fair folk
  • ghosts
  • spirits
  • walking dead

Wearing this kind of charm gives any creature of the type protected against -1 die. Some, more rare and usually more durable, versions contain stronger magic, inflicting -2 dice instead.


Adrios has a strong charm against fair folk.

Guen wears one of these against fair folk. He also wears another against disease.

Gutts has a charm against disease.

Jorias wears one against demons, and a strong one against fair folk.

Regret wears one to protect from the walking dead and another to protect against fair folk.

Stag wears a charm against demons.

Game Information

Summary: Hinders certain types of creature from hurting you.
Commitment: 0