Forgotten Suns

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Forgotten Suns is an Exalted campaign sprining from an adventure written by Wordman. It features several different types of exalt.

System: Exalted, first edition
Started: Mid 2003
Last Session: 28 Nov 2007
Next Session:  Dec 2007
Storyteller: Wordman


Name Player Summary
Adrios Eva Male solar (night)
Azure Stag of the Lustful Forest Eva Male sidereal (serenity)
Guen Liz Male lunar (changing moon)
Gutts Scott Male solar (dawn)
Juuken Liz Male solar (elcipse)
Varden Scott Male solar (night)
Cruxis NPC Male solar (zenith)
Jorias NPC Male solar (twilight)
Regret of the Sun NPC Male abyssal (day)


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