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Kether Rock is a training facility for solar exalted run by the Cult of the Illuminated. It is detailed in Cult of the Illuminated (ISBN 1-58846-682-5), pp 81-89.

Recently, a small number of Kether Rock's graduates have been given the task of convincing several monks of the Immaculate Order to abandon their faith and become trainers in the Immaculate Martial Arts styles. While success is rare, the Cult now boasts trainers in all of the Immaculate styles, though only one of them is a master.



Obsidian Scream

An powerful eclipse caste solar who sanctifies important oaths at Kether Rock. He also teaches sorcery and various diplomatic charms. He knows a handful of lunar, spirit and dragon-blooded charms as well.

Of average build, he has black hair, green eyes and dresses in simple, but elegant, finery. He comes across as energetic, logical and pious. He is fanatically loyal to the Unconquered Sun, and prays and sacrifices to him daily.

Tepet Surla

To all appearances an air-aspect terrestrial, "Tepet Surla" is actually a mid level gold-faction sidereal who is infiltrates the Immaculate Order for the Cult of the Illuminated. She knows most of the Air-Dragon style, and is presently in Kether Rock to teach it to solars there.

She has Asian features, with black hair and blue eyes. She tends to be friendly but silent.

Sesus Alon Wira

An earth-aspected terrestrial, Wira formerly claimed allegiance to the Immaculate Order, but now trains cadets at Kether Rock. A group of solar graduates of the camp engineered the crisis of faith that caused Wira to abandon the Order. Staging an elaborate ruse involving a perceived betrayal, a rescue by an obvious solar, the actual deaths of Wira's wife and daughter at the hands of the Order and Wira's subsequent vengeance against the perpetrators, the solars left Wira with little, and joining the Cult of the Illuminated as his best choice.

Wira has very dark skin and is quite tall, with brown hair and blue eyes. He is sedentary, to the point of appearing lazy, and is somewhat vengeful.

Cathak Garel Gaton

A master of Fire-Dragon martial arts, Gaton couldn't have been happier to abandon the Immaculate Order to help train the Cult of the Illuminated at Kether Rock. Gaton has a seething hatred of everyone in his extended family, who forced him into the order. Once there, he quickly realized what he needed to do to gain training in the highest levels of martial arts. Once trained, he abandoned decades of pretense and left the Order for good.

Gaton has a noticable red tint to his skin, with black hair and brown eyes. He comes across as affectionate, self-confident and trustworthy, though he is anything but.

Iselsi Takva

Born into the exile into which her house was forced, Takva grew up hating the Empire in general and the Empress in particular. Her grandfather had been a master in Water-Dragon style for the Immaculate Order prior to exile, and he taught her quite a bit of it before being mysteriously killed. A group of solar graduates of Kether Rock found her in the brig of a captured Imperial ship, evidently charged with piracy. She now teaches at the camp.

A small woman, Takva has a slight bluish tint to her otherwise well-tanned skin, which contrasts attractively with her blonde hair and blue eyes. She comes across as generous and humble, but shows a marked sadistic streak during combat.

Ivory Manacle

One of the first Immaculate trainers at Kether Rock was a drug addicted, half-sane practitioner of the Wood-Dragon style who had been cut loose by the Immaculate Order and was wandering the deserts around Kether Rock. Ivory Manacle was his first student and, after learning all he could from him, was ordered to kill him, as the leadership of the camp was never convinced that he wasn't a spy. Rare for a twilight caste solar, Ivory Manacle doesn't know sorcery, but is well versed at fighting and interacting with spirits and a master bowman.

He is tall and somewhat willowy, and has obvious mixed heritage with blonde hair and brown eyes. He tends to be vain, but tactful.

Copper Hand

Though he looks like an old man, Copper Hand's exaltation as a night solar has blessed him with the vigors of youth. As a master of mantis style martial arts, he became a trainer at Kether Rock several years ago, after completing his training following his exaltation in Nexus. He also teaches Larceny, Ride, Investigation, Medicine and Awareness charms.

Copper Hand exalted very late in life and still has the appearance of an older man, with wrikled white skin, brown eyes and white flowing hair. He comes across as dependable, good-humored and tactful.

Perfect Mountain

An eclipse caste solar, Perfect Mountain exalted in the forests in the east. He taught himself most of the tiger style, and has only graduated from Kether Rock recently. He is a master of tiger style martial arts and specializes in training numerous Resistance, Endurance and Athletics charms.

Of average build, Mountain has the brown hair and brown eyes of an easterner. He comes across as sober and obstructful, much like the style he practices.

Falling Jewel

A native of Gem, Jewel exalted as a dawn caste solar when her military unit came under attack by strange forces. The Cult of the Illuminated rescued her from this attack, and trained her at Kether Rock, where she now teaches. Falling Jewel practices multiple martial arts styles, having mastered Five-Dragon style and knowing all the Ebon Shadow charms immediately after the form.

An attractive, if short, dark-skinned woman with dark eyes and clean shaven head, Jewel comes across as both emotionless and irreverent.