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Watch Valley is a large walled town to the southwest of the Lap. It owes its existence to a series of fresh-water wells upon which it is built, crucial to survival in the dry hot climate and serves as an outpost for various mining interests in the surrounding mountains. It also has a slight strategic importance as the main population center in a valley fed by mountain passes in several directions.

The circle deposed the self-crowned king of the place, Finger of the Butterfly and destroyed him and his followers. The town's central building was built upon an earth-aspected manse that the king had reverted this into a demesne which was then converted into a freehold. The circle destroyed this as well, discovering that the manse was originally solar-aspected, altered many years ago, presumably by the Empire. With the energy of the place in flux, they resurrected the solar manse, sprouting a three-hundred foot tower into the town.

With a bit of charm use, Cruxis became de-facto ruler of the town, which Gutts (though no one else) renamed "Guttstopia".


  • During the reign of the king, the Guild bought much of the town's dwellings.
  • 300 years ago, a giant bird made of orichalcum and jade, with starmetal wings, supposedly destroyed the town.



  • Pickaxe
  • Mother Load
  • Canary