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Western Ocean

6th day of Resplendent Earth, RY 769
Fakharu’s Spire 10 March 2004

Breakfast, finding trainers, training, party, martial arts duel between “stick boy” and “new guy”, which “new guy” (Varden) wins. Pixie (a girl named Lenni, with the voice of a Korean grocer) agrees to train Gutts in dexterity. Jubilant Cricket agrees to train Guen in Leopard style martial arts for “a favor”.

7th day of Resplendent Earth, RY 769
Western Ocean (day one) 10 March 2004

Circle boards Ghost Envoy of the Dragon and accompanies Dawn's Edge to sea. They train throughout the day and dine with the Trierarch/Kubernetes Steel Sun. Distance from Fakharu's Spire to the Lap is roughly 6000 miles. Guestimating the cruise speed of the sailboats to be ~10mph, that yields a 27 to 28 day journey.

8th day of Resplendent Earth, RY 769
Western Ocean (day two) 24 March 2004

The circle continues to train. They manage to remember to check in with Jorias and Adrios at noon. Jorias reveals that the symbols associated with Sundial were part of a mysterious organization that was rumored to secretly control the world. He guesses that the current Sundial is either the remnant of this organization or a group that wanted people to think they were. While they are talking, the circle is attacked by siakal-men, who deal some serious damage before being killed. Two sailors get killed as well.

9th day of Resplendent Earth, RY 769
Western Ocean (day three) 7 April 2004

Healing from the siakal-man bites continues through most of the day. Those who are able train. In their noon discussion with Jorias, he reveals finding out the meaning of the symbols drawn in Milo’s vault spell “ongenwalh”, meaning “opposed to slavery” in a nearly dead language.

10th day of Resplendent Earth, RY 769
Western Ocean (day four) 21 April 2004

During the early morning, Guen, Varden and Cruxis have very bad dreams, in which they get attacked and damage spills into the real world. They wake up with their rooms filled with dark smoke. The circle starts hearing screams and odd sounds. Guen takes flight and sees the Dawn’s Edge engulfed in flames. In looking for survivors in the water, he comes across the Dawn’s Edge again, this time completely intact. Landing on the ship’s crow’s next, Guen’s presence disturbs the crew, who seem to think he is some sort of threat. Some of the circle hops to the Dawn’s Edge as the disturbed crew gets the captain. The two ships are lashed together as Steel Sun and Jubilant Cricket emerge onto deck. Seeing the fog and hearing Guen’s story, they immediately look at each other and simultaneously say “eristrufa”. Cricket orders the implosion bow unleashed and begins to fire into the smoke. The smoke screams and begins to coalesce into three bundles of tentacles that start attacking. In the battle that follows, two of the demons are dispatched and one, severely wounded, disappears under water. Cruxis, still wounded from the siakal-men, is seriously injured.

With the smoke cleared, the sun shone and revealed that Steel Sun’s wind spirit was nowhere to be found. With only a slight breeze pushing their ships, the circle began to train again. At noon, Jorias reports some more info about the Smith, casting him as more of a myth than a real person, used to frighten Imperial children. The oldest mention of him goes back nearly 1000 years.

11th day of Resplendent Earth, RY 769
Western Ocean (day five) 28 April 2004

In the early morning, with Guen on guard on deck, the remaining eristrufa flowed through the porthole into Gutt’s room and inflicts a dream upon him. Rather than wake up, Gutts tries to control the dream. Meanwhile, Guen, who had been hearing noises all night, discovers the cloud over Gutts during a routine room check and chases it away. Gutts, still sleeping, dreams his way into his conception of a chess game until awoken hours later by Lenni, ordering him to “get fat ass up mast”. While Gutts and Guen train (and Cruxis continues to heal), Varden tries out the implosion bow. Intent on firing it unmounted, he manages to blow himself backwards several dozen feet into the mast of the Dawn’s Edge.

The circle finally remember to ask Steel Sun and Cricket about the eristrufa, and they impart information about them, as well as their master’s other servants, the Lintha. They worry about the Lintha, suspecting that the demons might be a reconnaissance force for them. Steel Sun answers the possibility of handing over the Dawn’s Edge’s cargo with stern refusal, indicating he’d have to fight to the death, but refusing to reveal what the ship’s cargo actually is.

In talking with Jorias, the circle asks for more information about the implosion bow and the Lintha. They also ask about the symbol from Gutts’ dream, which Jorias recognizes as the symbol of the Maiden of Secrets. He suggests that the Maidens may have servants just as the Unconquered Sun does.

12th day of Resplendent Earth, RY 769
Western Ocean (day six) 28 April 2004

Though sounds occur through the night (with the circle doing double watches), no demons are in evidence until the next morning, when one of the Dawn’s Edge’s crewmen is found to have stabbed another in the night, thinking he was some kind of monster. Come noon, Jorias informs the circle of various classes of implosion bow, indicates that using more than normal essence may make it explode and describes the Lintha as basically human with the occasional god-blooded. He describes their tactics and use of demon creatures to pull their boats and so on.

Training continues the rest of the day, with storm clouds gathering at dusk. A storm builds into the night, tossing the ships around and making Guen and Gutts nauseous.

13th day of Resplendent Earth, RY 769
Western Ocean (day seven) 28 April 2004

Varden and a now-healed Cruxis relieve soaking and tired Guen and Gutts. The storm treats them little better, but breaks by dawn. Even more training commences. At noon, Jorias indicates that he was out carousing, so had no information. At night, again on double shifts, the eristrufa gets more obnoxious, prompting a short (if non-informative) conversation.

14th day of Resplendent Earth, RY 769
Western Ocean (day eight) 28 April 2004

Morning training gets interrupted by a cry of “Lintha!” Guen takes the crow’s nest and sees them coming. As it gets closer he sees a fight in progress on the deck of the Lintha ship, with the Lintha being overpowered by more stocky looking humans. As they get closer, Guen sees that the Lintha’s opposition are undead of some variety, and the officers of the Lintha are making an organized stand at the back of the ship. Guen flies over to the other ship to offer the Lintha captain help in exchange for a promise to leave them alone. He hastily agrees, not really paying much attention. At the same time, a large blast from the implosion cannon broadsides the ship.

Guen is accosted from a man on the other ship, saying that his men are the ones who need help. As this goes on, Guen sees that the undead seem to be able to regenerate. The captain goes on saying they just want to die. Confused, Guen returns to the Dawn’s Edge, where Steel Sun decides to fight the Lintha first, then the undead if necessary. Gutts tries to convince Steel Sun to let him use the implosion bow as a pogo stick of sorts, a request met with refusal. Instead, Son of the Silent Fist begins to fire the implosion bow at the infernal worm towing the Lintha boat.

As the ships grew closer together, Gutts leaps across to the Lintha ship and starts killing people. Tired of getting blasted, the worm rears out of the water and engulfs Son of the Silent Fist in one bite. Varden goes after him (or, at least, his implosion bow), prying the worms mouth open and Cruxis leaps onto the worms back and starts cutting. The worm dies, sliding back into the water taking Cruxis with it.

All Lintha mortals killed. Most of zombies demolished, one get’s heart of god-blooded Lintha. Guen tries to negotiate. He and Gutts fight about it later.

Adrios gone. Jorias reports a visit from Trieste. Looking through some old records, Sundial believes that the two dragon-blooded who hid Soul Mirror used an obscure ritual to transfer their memory of where they hid the sword into two sapphires. These sapphires glow with five points of light inside. Sundial has located such a gem in Chiaroscuro.

Train the rest of the day.

15th day of Resplendent Earth, RY 769
Western Ocean (day nine) 19 May 2004

Adrios gone. Jorias knows who one of the members of Sundial is: Karnis Tarani. Train.

16th day of Resplendent Earth to 1st day of Descending Earth, RY 769
Western Ocean (days ten to twenty-three) 14 Jul 2004

[Retroactive extension of time at sea.]

2nd day of Descending Earth, RY 769
Western Ocean (day twenty-four) 19 May 2004

Dawn’s Edge missing in morning. Guen goes to look, finds damaged ship (not the Dawn’s Edge) with eight survivors.

Want to know about seeing spirits.

Guen meets François the lobster spirit. He called him a crab and he bailed.

Shipwreck survivors. Guild members. Sunk by Lintha. Haven’t heard about Milo, but were funded by him. Worry about their future. Slave running from Azure (Coral Archipelago) to Chiarscuro.

What does Lenni want? Orphan child!

Jorias: Found a general map of the region around Rathess. Rumors of a series of 61 gates into Yu-Shan, scattered throughout Creation. One is certainly in Rathess and there may be two nearby our manse.

3rd day of Descending Earth, RY 769
Western Ocean (day twenty-five) 25 May 2004


Jorias is contacted and indicates that someone who knew he was looking for the word “ongenwalh” came to him indicating a plain woman was searching for that very word several years ago. He remembered the woman was named Supplicant of Horn and was staying at the Radiance hotel. Jorias asked if he should he check for her and the circle indicated he shouldn't bother. Adrios still gone. Circle wants clothes from Nexus, variable climate.


Gutts kills lobster spirit and eats him. A use of Malediction plants a week-long brand on head saying “big sword, small penis, smaller brain”.

4th day of Descending Earth, RY 769
Western Ocean (day twenty-six) 25 May 2004


Adrios back, tells of hunting in the jungle and being attacked by a huge “lizard-man”. He was getting wounded when a different kind of “lizard-man” helped him, one who seemed more civilized. Though they were both wounded badly, they defeated the first lizard-man (an anklok) and went back to the manse. This lizard-man (a raptok) seems to call itself Ranesk and speaks an unknown language. He also has strange weapons made of wood and rock.

Jorias continues to manse.

Imperial navy. Just a spot check.


5th day of Descending Earth, RY 769
Western Ocean (day twenty-seven) 14 Jul 2004

Jorias: cunaria come in a variety of colors. The blue variety can be ground up as spice. The red and orange breeds are common in Yu-Shan, but other colors are less so, and guarded.

6th day of Descending Earth, RY 769
Western Ocean (day twenty-eight) 14 Jul 2004

Reach the Lap just past dawn. See a parade of dragon-blooded disembarking on the same dock. Five of the time seem to act as honor guard to a sixth, who wears a sapphire necklace with five glowing lights inside.

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