Velvet Savor Vineyard

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This vineyard on the outskirts of Chiaroscuro produces expensive wine under the label "Velvet Savor". The city's primary irrigation system water's its orchards, which grow several varieties of grape and small quantities of other foods. The fields lie near a steep cliff overlooking the ocean, with groves of olive trees and five large buildings in between. One of these buildings is a large, ornate stable, next to a wide plot of grazing land. Three other buildings house a barracks, slave quarters and the winery.

Dwarfing these buildings in opulence, though not stature, is the central manor which houses the family that owns and operates the vineyard, a House Cynis couple. The multi-story house is built around a large (level 4) wood aspected manse centered around a large tree rooted in a sunken chamber, running through the house to emerge in a large courtyard/temple on the second floor.

The house makes use of Chiaroscuro's deserved reputation as glass workers, integrating large panes of glass with a ceramic tile roof. While the central chamber of the house is made of the marble typical for manses, the rest of the house is a mix of brick and wood.

The house was taken over by Ninth Hunter, who slaughtered all of the mortal residents, turning them into zombies or war-machines. The two dragon blooded owners were cross bred with animals to form dogman and cataman, and were then killed. Three other dragon-blooded working in the house (as majordomo, head of the guard and cheif winemaker) were used as heads of three spine chains.