Forgotten Suns: Friends

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People the circle has met who actually like them for some reason:

  • Amarel - mortal consort to Fakharu
  • Fakharu - "Censor of the Celestial Bureaucracy", lesser elemental dragon of water
  • Jaguan - No Mooon lunar who initiated Guen
  • Jubilant Cricket - second in command of the Dawn's Edge. trained Guen in martial arts
  • The Material Girls - servants of Fakharu named after the five magical materials
  • Mikani - "Messenger to the Spirit of the River of Tears", a water spirit rescued from enslavement by the circle
  • Morakkan - a haruka (air spirit) who was trapped in the circle's manse
  • Trieste - Immaculate monk who turned on his dragon-blooded comrades and helped the circle, eventually introducing them to Sundial.