Forgotten Suns: Questions

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Loose Ends

Three Gated Cage

First Gate

  • Since blue cunaria, is a restricted substance in Yu-Shan, how is it acquired? How is contact with either Lytek or Nara-O made, and what would they want in exchange?
  • When the potion ejects the soul shard from the body, how is the body kept alive?
  • Where will the circle get "a talon volunteered by a celestial lion" needed to make this potion?
  • Where will the circle get a "flask made from quintessence"?

Second Gate

  • What is the "Breath of a Primordial"?
  • How is it used?

Third Gate

  • Where can a solar sorcerer be located?


  • To what does the "darkness" surrounding the cage refer?
  • Where/what is the mountain within which the cage is used?

Kether Rock

  • Maduka Shin asked for information about Thorns.
  • Maduka Shin asked for information the "misguided" solar training camp in the north.
  • Maduka Shin wants to capture a deathnight for "study".
  • Maduka Shin wants information on other solars.
  • Maduka Shin wants to contact a solar calling himself Husk, who is "waging a one-man war against the Fair Folk".
  • Kether rock asked for a lunar envoy to be sent to them, but without revealing their location.
  • Michael gave individual messages to circle, but only Jorias shared the contents of his. Message may contain things PCs want to act on.


  • Who is the White Queen you heard about in Nexus? Presumably this is the same White Queen Maduka Shin (the leader of the training camp) wanted information on.
  • Who was Kerin (the woman who stole the moonsilver box)?
  • Why did Kerin want Milo Divivovich dead?
  • Why did Kerin leave the message in blood ("ongenwalh", meaning "opposed to slavery" in a nearly dead language)?
  • Where is the Smith?
  • Where is the eristrufa?
  • Would it be worth tracking down and talking to Tamaz?
  • What happened to Ronwe and the other demons that escaped Velvet Savor Vineyard?
  • Who is the mysterious "A" the circle had been sending messages to using the transport jar?
  • Who is supposed to be getting married in the evil wedding mentioned by Sulvad Tiaosa?
  • Why is this wedding happening at the same time as the Empress' funeral, since it has not been scheduled?
  • Why is Mnemon so interested in the wedding? Does she really want to prevent it by preventing the funeral? Will that even work? Why would she want to?
  • Why did House Mnemon have Immaculate agents looking for the Broken-Winged Crane in Chiaroscuro?
  • Why did the demon Ronwe call Stag "Flowing Pen"?
  • What happens to Faithful Pia?
  • Communication with the ghost Bezul, via message drops in Sijan.
  • What happened to Vision Consorting with the Dead and the other abyssals that survived Thirteen Lives Bridge?
  • What has happened to Ten Stripes?


  • Who are they?
  • What do they really want?
  • Why do they want Soul Mirror?