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Welcome to our worlds[edit]

This MediaWiki-powered website provides a place for information about various role-playing campaigns. All account holders may read, edit and add documents and files to this site, allowing the gaming group to collaborate on campaign content.

This site may be read by the public, but only account-holders may edit it. Accounts are granted by invitation only.



Forgotten Suns is an Exalted campaign run by Wordman in Long Island.

The Reavers is a gang-based Shadowrun campaign run by Wordman in Long Island, though it hasn’t had a session in a number of months.

In Planning[edit]

Enroth is a D&D3 campaign being conceived by Russ.


Control: a Heroes Unlimited game set in 1970’s San Fransico, run by Russ.

Greyhawk: a D&D2 game set in the World of Greyhawk, run by Russ.

Mecca???: an In Nomine campaign influenced by 9/11, run by Rob

Thorn: a long running D&D2 campaign pivoting around a chess set.

Tyrian: a mostly diceless Roman-like campaign where the players were unaware of their own stats.