Three Gated Cage

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According to legend, when the solar Baradine was corrupted by a primordial, she was restored using a system of three gates within a cage. Shemaru has suggested that this apparatus might also be able to restore an abyssal back to his solar roots. His research suggests that this device contains four major parts:

First Gate

The first gate somehow ejects the exalted soul-shard from the body of the exalted. Though some stories hint that this is an artifact of some kind, Shemaru believes that the first gate is actually a potion created from a magical plant called cunaria, which grows only in Yu-Shan (heaven).

Stag has indicated the the blue variety of cunaria is used for this gate, and that the potion supposedly takes days to take effect. The potion also needs to be touched by someone who knew the subject before they became tainted. Also, care needs to be taken to preserve the body of the subject magically after the soul shard is ejected, or it will die.

The Wyr'palja's Notebook contains the formula for this potion. To make this potion to restore a solar, the ingredients are:

  • blue cunaria
  • two panes of adamant
  • an iconic solar anima
  • a solar hearthstone
  • an arrangement of prisms and lenses (mundane)
  • three units of orichalcum oil
  • a talon volunteered by a celestial lion, dissolved in alkahest
  • a marble basin (not consumed)
  • a flask made of quintessence (not consumed)

Second Gate

The second gate strips the corrupted portions from the soul-shard, which coalesce into a malignant being that must be defeated in combat. The exact make up of this gate is unclear, but one reference suggests this gate may have demonic origins.

Stag found a reference to this gate being created from the "breath of a Primordial".

When Cruxis broke and went running into the far reaches of Autochthonia, he found a vast chamber filled with smoke and devices that processed it (basically start of the Elemental Pole of Smoke). The circle bottled a fairly large quantity of this smoke on the theory that it was, literally, the "breath of a Primordial".

Third Gate

The third gate merges the purified soul-shard back into the mortal body. All of the references mention that at least one sorcerer capable of harnessing solar circle magic plays a large role in the entire ritual and most references infer that this sorcerer is absolutely critical to the operation of the third gate. This leads Shemaru to postulate that the third gate is a specific solar circle spell. The solar circle sorcerer who most likely participated in the ritual to restore Baradine was a twilight named Wyr'palja. She died not long after the dawning of the First Age and was buried in a lavish tomb in the eastern forests; however, this tomb is known to have been overrun with Fair Folk during their invasion after the Great Contagion.

Wyr'palja's Spellbook, recovered from this tomb, contains a spell called Rising Sun Investment, which appears to be the spell used on Baradine.


The cage performs the critical function of preventing the loose soul-shard from escaping during the ritual. Left to itself, the shard will comb Creation for a new, worthy mortal to inhabit. The references are unanimous in referencing an orichalcum cage “surrounded by darkness”, held within a deep mountain, with a channel carved straight up to allow the Unconquered Sun to observe the proceedings more easily. Shemaru is uncertain if this means a specific cave or any cave at all, but does know that if channel was indeed carved straight up, the sun would only shine directly down it at noon and likely only on a certain day of the year. Some commentaries written on the reference material suggests that the reference to darkness indicates a shadowland or the underworld itself.

Wyr'palja's Workbook contains a detailed plans of a geodesic orichalcum cage, along with an illustration of cage set within the center of mass of a large pyramidal structure labeled the "Pyramid of the Sun". Sunlight comes down a long shaft in the pyramid to hit a object labeled a "breath lens" suspended within the sphere above the figure of a prone man.