Dawn's Edge

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The Dawn's Edge is a ship that has the favor of Fakharu, and escorted the circle to the Lap.

Type: Blue-Water Merchant
Length: 106 feet
Beam: 23 feet
Draft: 7.5 feet
Rig Type: Imperial with foresail
Closest Tack: 3 points
Speed: ���
Maneuverability: -3
Standard Crew: 22
Minimum Crew: 6
Cabins: 15
Soak: 6L
Health Levels (Damage): 12
Health Levels (Destroy): 24
Weapons: 2 Light Ballistae, Light Implosion Bow

  • Trierarch/Kubernetes/Captain Steel Sun
  • First Mate/Arms Master Jubilant Cricket
  • Lieutenant/Proreus Son of the Silent Fist
  • Lieutenant Ivory Wind
  • Purser/Surgeon Envious Orchid
  • Steward/Cook Sage of the Pale Facade
  • Proeus� Man Ithinath Human
  • Master of the Tops Blossom Sunrise
  • Master of the Bow Eldyran Human
  • Topsman/Carpenter Mozuso Human
  • Topsman/Sailmaker Rod�kel Human
  • Topsman Usktory Torad Human
  • Topsman Mira Toa Human
  • Formast Jack Quahon Lyeib Human
  • Formast Jack Vorban Human
  • Formast Jack Underis Human
  • Formast Jack Hynepa Human
  • Afterguard Anen Human
  • Afterguard Ser�nys Human
  • Afterguard Ceyoko Human
  • Afterguard Rodac Human
  • Cabin Boy Kelshy Human