Sulvad Tiaosa

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An ikth-ya (face 5) changing moon lunar, Sulvad Tiaosa is also known as Talks Without Fangs to some lunars, as he has never learned the beastman form of his horse totem. For the last sixty years, Sulvad has chosen to infiltrate the Blessed Isle, generally studying people he wants to take the place of, then killing them and drinking their heart's blood. He presently works as minor advisor to Mnemon under the guise of an efficient, upwardly mobile female water aspected dragon-blooded named Mnemon Dedyn.

He tends to dress in imperial fashions, usually silk finery. In his natural form, he cuts a striking figure, with a lush mane of black hair and long but powerfully built limbs. He has large, dark eyes which inspire trust and talks with a smile you can hear and an undercurrent of wisdom.

Sulvad is a master of both Five-Dragon Style and Water Dragon Style. Master shapeshifter and social manipulator, few people have ever even had an opportunity to expose him in the imperial court, much less succeed.

Sulvad met Stag years ago under a different guise, an older immaculate monk named Mnemon Ashkimadan.