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The Unlit Pedagogue, Messenger Soul of Erembour, That Which Calls to the Shadows

Darkness compels not because it is dangerous, but because it holds secrets -- forbidden knowledge, hidden feelings and concealed lusts. Ronwe embodies these secrets and lives to teach any willing to shun the light for them. Known for skilled instruction in the art of love, Ronwe's presence fills those nearby with a lust they long to hide until it may be slaked in the comfort of darkness. Calling Ronwe from full shadow, craftier summoners know that much more than carnal knowledge may be gleaned from the darkness. In the light, Ronwe conceals its true face with the appearance of the physical type the viewer most desires, but in darkness it is comfortably shapeless, forming whatever limb or orifice is needed for the lesson at hand.

Ronwe doesn't only teach the living, but the dead cannot handle such lessons and remain intact. Seducing ghosts provides Ronwe a tireless pleasure, as it fills the ranks of the Yozis at the expense of the Malfeans. Ghosts who share Ronwe's bed wake transformed into shirikai, demon creatures of shadow. Ronwe can destroy any of her progeny at will, weaving its remnants to animated cloth. Most often, these form Demon-Embracing Robes, but can be used for other purposes. One such is Nocturnal Grace, a collection of shadowy ribbons that Ronwe wears as armor. Usually, these ribbons are worn as a cloak, but may hang from the wrist, the belly, the hair or wherever else Ronwe's form and will dictate. Part of this ribbon cluster surround Ronwe, soaking damage, but other strands take a more active role. Possessing a vague awareness, Nocturnal Grace can block incoming attacks, whether Ronwe is aware of them or not. Physical attacks are reflexively parried with a number of dice equal to Ronwe's current Valor. All attacks, physical or otherwise, also have their difficulty increased by Ronwe's current Conviction. As a normal action, Ronwe may also use ribbons to make slashing attacks at targets up to 10 yards away.

Ronwe may inflict a second circle spiritual disease known as Euphoric Shadow Sickness at a touch (against targets not wishing to be touched, this requires that an unarmed attack inflict damage). The target immediately develops an aversion to light of any kind and must make a Willpower check each turn to stay in any illuminated area, with a difficulty based on how bright it is (1 for candle light, 3 for typical daylight indoors, 5 for direct bright sunlight). If she fails, she must do whatever she can to surround herself in darkness before doing anything else. Even if she succeeds, she suffers -3 dice to all actions until being surrounded in darkness. Once in darkness, she gains the ability to see in the dark as if it were candlelight, though not in color, and is filled with a euphoria that, while very pleasant, is distracting enough to cause a -1 die penalty. All the while, shadows move under the target's skin draining 3 motes of essence per turn and absorb any anima banner that might be showing. This drain does not touch committed essence. If no motes are available to drain, the shadows go dormant until there are.

Ronwe's basic nature is Caregiver, allowing it to regain Willpower when it helps someone. Ronwe's definition of "help" is slightly twisted, generally revolving around giving or, especially, teaching someone something they think they want. Whether or not this gain truly "helps" them is a philosophical question of no interest to Ronwe. Ronwe gains an addition Willpower if it is able to convince the person to embrace, enjoy or revel in the darkness while being "helped".

An aura of secret lust radiates from Ronwe, infecting those around it. This lust is not necessarily directed at Ronwe, but a general arousal intended to make the target think more about whoever they more usually lust over. While this has no game effect, it may be used as a base emotion for Stoke the Flame if Ronwe desires.

Ronwe's Landscape charms treat shadow as its natural environment.

Gender As viewer desires Height As viewer desires Eye Color As viewer desires
Nature Caregiver Weight As viewer desires Hair Color As viewer desires
Type Second Circle Demon Skin Color As viewer desires
Appearance •••••
Charisma ••••
Dexterity ••••••
Intelligence ••••••
Manipulation ••••
Perception •••••
Stamina ••••
Strength •••
Wits •••••
Cult: ••
Nocturnal Grace Ribbon (Accuracy: 13, Damage: 10L, Rate: 4, Range: 10)
Unlit Glory Touch (Accuracy: 12, Damage: 7B, Defense: 9, Speed: 11)
-0 _
-1 _ _ _ _
-2 _ _ _ _ _ _
-4 _ _ _ _
Inc _
Natural Soak 4B/2L/0A
Total Soak 17B/15L/13A (Nocturnal Grace 13B/13L)
Reflexive parry w/ current Valor
Difficulty increases by current Compassion
Athletics  •••••  Sex +3
Awareness  ••••
Craft  ••  Shadow +3
Dodge  ••••
Endurance  ••  Sex +3
Investigation  •••
Linguistics  ••••
Lore  ••••••
Martial Arts  •••
Medicine  •••
Occult  •••••
Performance  ••••  Sex +3
Presence  ••••
Resistance  ••
Socialize  ••••
Stealth  ••
Compassion ••••
Conviction ••••
Temperance •••
Valor •••
Willpower ••••••••••
Essence ••••••
  Personal 125
Landscape Camouflage
Landscape Travel
Measure the Wind
Tiny Gift
Harrow the Mind
Memory Mirror
Memory Sponge
Memory Transference
Stoke the Flame
Essence Inveigle
Host of Spirits
Materialize (cost 90)
Principle of Motion
Words of Power