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[Fight w/ dragon-blodded]
[Fight w/ dragon-blodded]
* [[Last Envy]]
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[[Category:Forgotten Suns]]
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[[Category:Campaign Log]]

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On the road[edit]

8th day of Ascendng Wood, RY 769
Outside Watch Valley 23 Mar 2005

By daybreak, the circle reaches the mountains. As the climb the winding road, they see a cloud of dust on the valley road, obviously a large number of horsemen moving swiftly toward Watch Valley. Guen investigates to discover a large group of 35 dragon-blooded, with about 40 mortal soldiers.

As the mass descended on the town of Watch Valley, they slammed into the shield generated by the new solar manse. While doing no damage, it stopped the terrestrials, but not their mortal soliders. After eavesdropping enough to hear the head of the column say “there is the new spire, just like he said”, Guen returned to the circle, where they vascilated between two theories about why the Wyld Hunt might be there. They reasoned that either the commotion caused by the eristrufa impersonating a solar led them to the Lap and the eristrufa somehow gave them a trail to follow or that someone from the town of Watch Valley witnessed the rebirth of the solar manse and made their way to the Lap to inform authorities.

Either way, the circle elected to continue, though Gutts pined for his “Welcome to Guttstopia” sign and portraits. Eventually, they hit upon the idea of concealing their trail, which Regret can do quite well.

9th day of Ascendng Wood, RY 769
Southern mountain range 23 Mar 2005
After an uneventful night, the circle put more distance between themselves and the Wyld Hunt, reaching Thirteen Lives Bridge just after dusk. Waiting for them, were a cadre of deathnights:
  • Vision Consorting with the Dead: an abyssal sorceress with a history with Regret and the circle
  • Callous Disregard: a dusk-caste with big sword
  • Unfortunate Interdiction:
  • Vexes at a Distance: a stealthy day-caste bowman.
  • Periwinkle:
  • Gumela, the Jeweled Autitor: a second-circle demon summoned by Vision.
  • A score of zombies

Vision states that if Regret be handed over to her, the rest will be unharmed. Regret suggests they take the deal. Everyone else attacks, with Stag opening by turning all of the zombies to dust

A rousing fight follows, with Gutts being seriously hurt early by an armor-ignoring arrow from the concealed Vexes. Cruxis, about to be thrown off the bridge by Periwinkle, grabs her and jumps off. Figuring Periwinkle would grab hold of part of the bridge to save herself, Cruxis planned on grabbing her, but a shot from Regret’s spear knocked her unconsious in mid air, leaving Cruixis to use her as a springboard to leap to a handhold.

[More details. Stag drops identity (and Callous Disregard). Lots of curses from Gumela. Guen hit with healing slowdown.]
Thirteen Lives Bridge 30 Mar 2005
[Fight continues. Guen tracks down Vexes position, drawing his fire. Gumela engages, kills half of the horses. Unfortunate Interdiction brought down, killed while unconcious. Vision escapes, along with Vexes. Periwinkle disappears. Dead horses tossed. Guen savages a deer on the bridge to cover the blood.]
??th day of Ascendng Wood, RY 769
Lunar camp ?? Apr 2005

[Journey for week. Find slaughtered dragon-blooded hunting party. Lions.]

??th day of Ascendng Wood, RY 769
Lunar camp ?? Apr 2005

[Kill rhino. Discovered lunar camp. Scouts sent to Watch Valley]

??th day of Ascendng Wood, RY 769
Lunar camp 9?? Jun 2005

[Fight with lunar. Discover mine.]

??th day of Ascendng Wood, RY 769
Orichalcum 23 Jun 2005

[Reconnoiter mine]

??th day of Ascendng Wood, RY 769
Orichalcum Mine 1 Jul 2005

[Fight w/ dragon-blodded]