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<!-- Eyna will reach Chiaroscuro on 5th day of Descending wood -->

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Getting There[edit]

17th day of Resplendent Wood, RY 769
Dense Effulgence Root 17 Sep 2005

The morning the circle planned to leave, a message showed up in a bottle claimed from one of the dragon-blooded:

Dearest cousin -

I know you said not to use the bottles until you contacted me, but I have news that bears directly on the matter at hand, regarding the one with whom you have struck a deal. I inadvertently (really!) overheard a discussion between our mothers. They seem to believe they’ve uncovered a connection between Last Envy and the Cult of the Illuminated. If that’s true, I can’t help but wonder if the cargo you will deliver to him will be handed over to those heretics, though I have no idea to what use they might put it. Surely they are not sophisticated enough to actually forge it.

I beg you again to avoid this business altogether. At the very least, postpone it until I can dig more into this matter. Breaking an edict is one thing, but consorting with heretics is another. They’d never let you back here if that happened. Tread lightly, cousin. I couldn’t bear it if anything were to happen to you.