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  • Bound between two plates of white jade, the pages of this book appear to be made from some kind of thin, artificial skin. Written in Old R ...ys to get the most out of the mortal books. Learning the charm within this book and applying its keys to ''[[Aether]]'' provide mortal Alchemy {{Dots|3}} f
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  • ...lchemy, [[provides::Comprehensive Deliquescence Cauldron]]. Throughout the book are also a number of margin notes that act as keys to decipher the coded pa ...he mortal book to learn the first two dots of mortal Alchemy for free. The book also contains the following formulae:
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  • |summary = Blank book into which another book may be copied. ...only reproduce contents, not ability, so any magical effects the original book might have are not reproduced in any way.
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  • ...:'' Cost now 5 motes. Duration one scene. In addition to effects listed in book, also doubles running and sprinting rate (though this does not stack with o The ''Sidereals'' book implies that any celestial, including lunars, can learn sidereal level mart
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  • [[Varden]] introduced, running into [[Guen]] and [[Jorias]] after a book-buying spree. Circle hears rumors of the "[[White Queen]]" who rescued the ...Jaguan]] in their room. After greetings, he exchanged Guen’s sorcery book for a suit of moonsilver reinforced breastplate. He also delivered a messag
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  • * Jorias was told by [[Michael]] that the [[Book of Three Circles]] was in the possession of [[Raski, Queen of Fangs]]. Wort
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  • ...was surprised to see the girl sitting on the grass in the corner reading a book. She had food and drink with her which meant that she had probably been mak
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  • ...been killed, but the body lost down a deep ravine and never recovered. The book contained a riddle of where this was, and Jorias spent years trying to figu ...Jorias did the only thing he could think of: track down the riddle in the book, which now seemed more important than ever. After a journey that nearly kil
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  • ...s questionable. After hundreds of years of trying, we now suspect that the book she read was the ''[[Broken-Winged Crane]]''." the Yozi's power, become an ''akuma''. We believe the Empress read this book in return for knowledge of the weapons that threw back the Fair Folk and ev
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  • ...g of an attuned hearthstone placed into it. They are described in ''Aspect Book Air'' [ab_e.80] and ''Wonders of the Lost Age'' [wola.72].
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  • ...carried a book that was wrapped as though it had just been purchased. The book carried by the black haired man appeared to be incredibly old. They stoppe
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  • found a spell scroll in the prayer book on the altar. We left the temple and
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  • <br>- Qaz (Scott), on the Order of the Book
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  • <br/>&nbsp;&nbsp;Holy Symbol of Delleb (book) <br/>Silver mini. book/box on chain (20gp)
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  • ...aster has enough SP. Two or more spellcasters cannot benefit from the same book. Books may be found in treasure or they may sometimes be purchased from Gui
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  • Earnmund became very familiar with Mars, mainly because a passage in the book mentioned that if you lost a battle, &ldquo;it was Mars&rsquo; will.&rdquo; ...nd took special care of the library. With its 23 books, it was the largest book collection in the town.
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  • ...e who goes there ever returns". Eventually, he ran across a poem in an old book that suggested a battle in which a temple to luna that soared to the heaven
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  • ** 2 [[Book of Infinite Potential]], one of them used to copy the religious book of the Autochthonians.
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  • ...subtle and much less powerful cousins of perfected kata bracers (''Aspect Book: Earth'', pg. 80). Like their more potent relatives, these bands are fashio
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  • ...Aether]]'', ''[[Gold]]'', ''[[Alkahest (book)|Alkahest]]'' and ''[[Berith (book)|Berith]]''. *Her [[Wyr'palja's Stylebook|style book]], containing advanced charm research
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  • ...(in the Exiles of the Western Ocean section) and in the main Exalted rule book (pg. 293).
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  • ...whereabouts of someone named [[Emerald Singer]]. They asked her where "the book" is, but she does not know. Eventually, they toss her out of the wagon, and ...e]] having driven Emerald Singer out of town. If the circle brings her the book, she will give them the gemstone. The circle agrees and leaves peacefully.
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  • ...ple of the Immaculate Order. The book appeared on the door step of a local book sellers three days later.
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