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Similar to Salt, this sharkskin bound book was also written by hand in High Realm by Wyr'palja in silver ink. This volume details the aether circle, a more advanced form of mortal alchemy. Its formulae are more complex, but also more effective. This circle focuses on the "elements" of alchemy: air, earth, fire, water and wood. More coded pages are scattered throughout this volume as well.

Those who follow this book's instructions and make all of its formulae can learn the thaumaturgical science of Alchemy ●● without a trainer. This book includes the following formulae:

  • Eagle's Eye Potion: Improve eyesight.
  • Final Vengeance: Allows mortals to ignore all wound penalties and succeed at Valor tests.
  • Ghost flower: Allows communication with ghosts.
  • Ice fern: Dream enhancer, mild divination enhancer.
  • Munificent Antivenin: Counteracts poision.
  • Seven bounties paste: cures disease.
  • Valiant Warrior Formula: Allows an extra to be treated as a normal character.