Berith (book)

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Bound between two plates of white jade, the pages of this book appear to be made from some kind of thin, artificial skin. Written in Old Realm, like its predecessor, it teaches about the next stage of essence-based alchemy, the berith circle. It starts with the charm that makes works of this circle possible, Transformative Touch Crucible.

This book, written by Wyr'palja offers complete instruction in the science of Alchemy ●●. Like the alkahest circle, berith circle can only be practiced by master alchemists, but this book provides the keys to get the most out of the mortal books. Learning the charm within this book and applying its keys to Aether provide mortal Alchemy ●●● for free.

It also contains the following:

  • Berith: The philosopher's stone, changing base materials into gold at a touch.
  • Clarity Spirit: Drinker can see dematerialized spirits for a scene.
  • Firedust Catalyst: Add to a batch of firedust to convert it to other types of dust.
  • Hound's Tongue: Talk to animals for a day.